From An All Time Low to Successful Business Man

Per Wickstrom is now the CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery but before becoming the man he is today Per Wickstrom has faced his all time low. In his teenage years, at the age of 14, Per Wickstrom broke up with his girl friend and got into hard drugs from then. After being completely heartbroken, he felt like he had no one or nowhere to turn to and this is how it all started. He was in fact close with his family but soon enough he grew apart from then and as many teenagers would do, he rebelled and got into drugs instead of facing his problems and talking about them. It all started with his first beer at the age of 14 and from then later on in the years he turned to harder drugs, even harder than marijuana.

His story is remarkable because when he realized he hit rock bottom, and pushed many of his loved ones aside, Per Wickstrom came back to reality and realized he finally needed to change. He was addicted to drugs and relied on drugs to feel good again and not get into depression. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t go on with your everyday routine without them it just feels impossible. Once he got into harder drugs and hit rock bottom it was time for him to soon discover a rehabilitation center for his addiction. Once he turned to a drug rehabilitation center this decision changed his life and he felt so pure after the steps to recovery that he just wanted to give back. He gave back to others and was so happy to do so but he still knew he was missing something and then and there he decided he wanted to own his own rehab centers. Per Wickstrom then opened several rehabilitation centers across the United States and these rehab centers are known as Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery, Choices Recovery and several more rehabs.

As we see, Per Wickstrom’s recovery did take a while but he turned his story into something positive by being able to give back to others by creating a rehabilitation center for drug addicts who cant overcome their addition alone. Per Wickstrom understands that the recovery process of any addiction is extremely difficult so this allowed him to, through his own experience, see what works and what doesn’t work in a rehabilitation center and this is what makes him the successful man he is today.

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