Savior Recovery Technologies Introduces An Exciting Service for Phone Users

A new era has arrived in the mobile phone industry since the signing of Bill AB6w by California Governor Jerry Brown. All new cell phones sold in the state of California must be equipped with a manufacturer kill switch feature to permanently disable the device to discourage the practice of jailbreaking or network unlocking the phone Minnnesota and other states have followed California`s lead and introduced similar Bills. A similar federal bill known as The Smart Phone Theft Prevention Act has also been introduced. With momentum forming a industry wide effort to eradicate the smartphone black market, a decline in smartphone thief is expected but what about lost phones? Smartphones are becoming more expensive and more unique to us. Setting up a new smart phone can be a hassle for many people and more options for keeping original devices are needed.

Savior Recovery Technologies LLC , a subscription service on the web at is new start up from Laguna Beach, CA is here to fill that niche, Savior`s recovery app when activated by the user flashes a splash screen advertising a $50 reward for the return of that phone. Savior`s 24/7 call center is a click on the bottom of the screen. When a found phone call comes in Savior`s office, the database works the logistics to ship the phone from finder`s address directly to the registered owners, while the owner is notified by text. A phone number along with an email and the finder of the phone is compensated...,Available at Goggle Play or visit the website

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