Sea Marshals Ltd Is Changing Its Course

The past years, Sea Marshals has been a main supplier of armed staff on-board ships passing through pirate areas and other hostile waters outside Somalia and the Gulf of Aden.

Sea Marshals started with two ships, and quickly grew into a key security provider within the area expanding with several new vessels with armed personnel on-board. Sea Marshals has its office in the U.K since the beginning.

This year Sea Marshals has become of a larger Holding company also based in the U.K TMG, The Marshals Group. TMG has a number of security companies in its umbrella organisation and Sea Marshals is one of them.

Sea Marshals sees a great advantage of this merger with TMG so it can continue to expand into new areas and gain access to new clients.

Merger deal completed for Sea Marshals Ltd

To provide armed staff on-board ships has been a growing market the last years. In the beginning of 2008 the demand for armed staff on-board increased to very high levels. Many security companies rushed to the Gulf of Aden and outside Somalia to take part of the demand. Some companies managed maintain their business in the area and some not. Needless to say, it is a complicated and dangerous area to run a company in.

However, Sea Marshals with its office in the U.K managed to successfully maintain its clients and is now one of the most established security firms in the area. Sea Marshals recently completed a merger deal with The Marshals Group (TMG  with a number of security companies in its organisation.

The main purpose for Sea Marshals to accept the deal with TMG was to establish a new network of clients and to expand into new areas in the world.

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