Murphy Ben International Promoting African Culture and Offering a Great Work Environment

At Murphy Ben International making sure that their employees are enjoying themselves while at work is done through different slogans that Murphy Ben International has in place such as “Be Ur Boss” and “I Am Wonderfully Made”. “Be Ur Boss” is in place in order to allow their employees be creative and constant work on an entrepreneurial mindset. The “I Am Wonderfully Made” slogan is in place for the war on racism, which mostly all of Murphy Ben International’s employees are from Africa. When you have a big entertainment company like Murphy Ben International you have to be sure to keep your employees happy in order for them to produce what you want and produce the best quality for music, music videos and movies.

Murphy Ben International’s CEO Murphy Anawana has been into music since he was very young and always had a dream to have his own music/entertainment company. He founded the company back in 2009 and incorporated it in 2012. Since then Murphy Ben International has been a huge company with over 400 employees with its sister companies, Murphy Ben International is doing a great job. At Murphy Ben International their goal is to promote the African culture and music more and more but Murphy Ben International is really into alternative rock and really any type of music that demonstrates a creative side to it. Since Murphy Ben International is so open to different kinds of music, it helps the company come up with more creative types of music therefore makes them stand out.

The company has been expanding more and more every year and therefore needs to keep up with technology since Africa has been developing their technology more and more recently. If Murphy Ben International is too advanced with their technology, then they will be losing too much money since it would be costing them a lot to advance themselves in the first place. Then, if Murphy Ben International is not keeping up with the technology at all, this is where another entertainment company can kick them right out on the curb since they aren’t keeping up with the latest technology therefore users would get frustrated if their software would be too slow or if Murphy Ben International’s website or music player was too outdated. That is why as an entertainment company, you must constantly aim to be on top, and they just have to make sure that they are a little ahead of Africa’s technology. 

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