Syncing And Sending Text Messages On Your Android Device Using Mac

As we move on in time we are relying more and more on our smartphones. World’s interaction with machines and computers has become many times more than it was in the past. However, now everyone is in the habit of trying to manage many things at once and this is why most of the people don’t have time for little things. Texting and calling are still the most important things people do with their smartphones despite their thousands of other features. But texting can become a pain when you are on your computer and you have to answer messages over and over.

It’s not easy to leave your computer’s keyboard, get to your smartphone, answer the text, resume your work on computer just to hear the smartphone ring again. This can be tiring, time-consuming and annoying for most people. Sometimes you are being disturbed while playing games and at other times when you are doing some school assignment. A better way to deal with this problem is to completely get rid of the need to get back and forth on your Mac and mobile. SyncMate might be the answer to your prayers if you are someone stuck in this problem.

This amazing software does a lot of great stuff and syncing your text messages is one of them. It will allow you to sync your Android phone’s data on your Mac, which was quite impossible in the past. It will allow you to create backups of your data so you can get back to any deleted or unedited files at any time. It does the automatic syncing so you never have to repeat the mundane tasks. And of course, it allows you to see your text messages and contacts from Android on your Mac device and manage them all.

With the expert edition you can fully manage Android SMS on Mac. With a free version of this application you are able to see your text messages with the contact names after syncing. However, if you want to send messages to people and reply to the text messages that you are receiving, you will need the expert edition. Once you have the expert edition you will not have to pick up your smartphone again and again. All your text messages can be replied to using your Mac device and your amazing application SyncMate.

You can send your text messages to multiple people and with a very simple and intuitive interface you will always know how many characters you have typed on your text. If you have some important text messages that you want to export you can do that in many different formats using SyncMate. At the same time, you can manage the files on your Android smartphone right from your Mac computer. This allows you to be able to control both your devices using just one. With backups you can always make sure that you have the important files saved in case of smartphone theft or when you lose the phone.

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