Mok Swee Meng Guide on iPhone Repair: Why AppleCare?

You want to protect your device when you have decided to make an investment in an Apple product. Whether you are buying a new product off the shelf or you have chosen to get an on-sale refurbished device, both require care and protection to give you value for money. This is where AppleCare comes on. On the downside, spending an extra hundred bucks on getting AppleCare seems like an unnecessary expense when you are already dropping so much money on getting the device itself. Do you really need Apple’s guaranteed protection? Most people don’t believe so and prefer to get their iPhone repair services from third parties if need arise. Mok Swee Meng gives some interesting insight in this regard.

When you purchase an iPhone, it will come with an optional $100 add on for AppleCare. This provides you protection for two incidents of accidental damage, which will cost $50 a piece. Hence, if you use both, you will pay $100 while one replacement is going to cost you $150. A broken screen and a dropped phone is the most common instance of iPhone destruction and death. According to estimates, if you choose to get your iPhone repair services from elsewhere, the parts itself are going to cost you $100 and then you also have to pay service charges.

Similarly, if you go to Apple to get your phone repaired, they are going to charge you $229, if you have not signed up with AppleCare. The charges and cost are going to be much worse if there is any other problem like your phone took a trip to the toilet bowl. In this light, it is a pretty good idea for you to invest in AppleCare for your iPhone repair rather than seek other alternatives. In addition, you are only going to get hit if you have to get your phone fixed twice so this is a huge plus.

Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that the option of AppleCare is only available to you within 30 days of buying your iPhone. Apart from that, signing up for this service is not a good idea if you habitually upgrade your phone. According to Mok Swee Meng, one of the biggest perks of investing in an Apple product is that it is quite easy to re-sell and you can get another model easily. Therefore, people have the habit of selling off their phones. In that case, it is not very wise to invest your money in AppleCare because chances are that you are not going to have to use it.

If you don’t plan to keep the product for more than a year, you should not go for AppleCare because that would just waste your money. Most people get confused when they are purchasing refurbished phones because they are not sure what rules will apply in this situation. The thing about refurbished Apple products is that the company considers them like new and they are very less likely to fail. You are likely to have positive experiences, even with refurbished products. Thus, AppleCare for iPhone repair will be a good idea if you plan to keep the phone for long. 

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