Why Self-Defense Training Is So Important For You As A Girl

If you are a girl you must be aware of the emphasis on self-defense training for girls that exists in the media these days. Spend a few hours on YouTube and you will find thousands of videos teaching girls how they can defend themselves when the need arises. Most of it will seem like it is all about fighting the bad people but that just limits the scope of self-defense training. There is a lot more that you learn as part of self-defense training and taking up a course from a qualified instructor will get you in the right direction.

Here is why such training is important for girls:

You Are Easy Targets

It is not pleasing to know but it is a sad truth that girls are the easiest targets for child molesters, kidnappers etc. It is natural that women are delicate and the built of their bodies does not look as strong as men’s does. Teenage girls are not only weak and delicate but they are not strong mentally too. A few kind words from someone can make them forget that the other person could be a dangerous psychopath. Since girls are more prone to attacks because they are easy targets, self-defense training is more important for them.

You Have To Fight Stronger Opponents

Of course, if you are a girl and you are being attacked by some sturdy man, you are going against someone way stronger than you. In most attack cases, the girls are defenseless because they are easily overpowered by a stronger person. With self defense training they are taught the many techniques and methods to fight back when being attacked by someone stronger. These techniques are so effective that even the most petite girl can take on the most heavy looking male opponent.

You Need To Walk Confidently

If you have heard a few stories about girls get molested while coming back from college or university, chances are higher that you are now scared while walking alone. This fear in your mind is clear in your body language as well. This is not a good sign since those bad guys are very good at reading these signs of vulnerabilities in someone. They take advantage of you as soon as they can find you alone somewhere. With proper self-defense training you will be able to walk confidently and in such a way that no bad guy will think of attacking you.

You Need To Focus

How could you focus on other things when you are constantly worried about someone trying to attack you? Such worries can totally kill the good thoughts in your mind. Once you have self-defense training you know you will be able to handle a bad situation when it arises. This takes your mind away from such thoughts and you can now focus on other important stuff in your life such as your education and career. Studies have proved that girls with self-defense training perform better at work and in other walks of life.  

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