How To Tackle Challenges Playing Japanese Games On PS4

Many PS4 players love to play Japanese games. However, the fun of playing these games brings some challenges alongside it. The first thing is the Japanese text which often flies over player’s head while they are playing hence makes them not understand the game instructions. So before you do anything, you have to address the translation issue. Many players use translation tools using a web browser such as Google Chrome which makes the process comparatively simple. The web browser comes with built-in page translation tools. You can also find the same functionality on other browsers using add-ons.

The language also hinders when registering for a Japanese account. Though the signing up process is typically pain-free using translation tools, spammers try to waste everyone’s time.   In certain cases, implementing Japanese anti-spam can make sign up for several accounts quite challenging especially for those having no experience with the Japanese characters. Unfortunately, there is no way out to avoid these problems but Google Translate Application can help you tackle with it to some extent.

Get the Google Translate app on your iPad or smartphone for translation especially for the text which cannot be easily copied on a translation website.  The second step is to set it to translate Japanese to English or whatever language you want to get the instruction in, and tap the camera icon. Hold the gadget up to the required text for translation and click an image in the app. Now rub your finger over the relevant text and get it translated in English.  It is important to grab a clear image so that the OCR- the optical character recognition can understand the text.

Many users may find themselves stuck at a captcha with Japanese characters that are hidden while working with OCR. The best way to attempt this is using Japanese hand-writing recognition by Google Translate App. Draw the characters as they look like and copy the converted text into the Captcha.  Using a mouse to draw these characters is a huge challenge. However, touch-screens or digital pens can give you the best result.

Once you can deal with the language issues, the next step involves creating a Japanese SEN account. It’s another challenge to sign up for a Japanese account. Open the account creation page containing the registration form.  Choosing ‘Japan’ from the country’s list will reload the account creation page with Japanese text. Make sure you enable translation tools. Try filling out the form as per your ability and submit it. You will get an email after the form submission asking you to verify your email. Simply click it to verify it. The next step involves signing into your account and choosing a username for PSN.  Make sure you have declined to add a credit card.

You can find the segment having free-to-play games in your account with the help of Google Translate. Choose the PS5 checkbox to filter out any PS3 or Vita games and enjoy your bet.  

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