Information Over Google’s New Travel App Leaks

Google is going to launch its new travel app ‘Trips’ and will begin with its trial runs soon.  There’s nothing officially announced detailing what features its new application will be included. However, the information is leaked unwrapping a lot about the travel app which also includes screenshots of the app. The company is testing the new application with small testers and soon it will be launched globally. However, only Google’s Local Guides program’s members will be able to access the application.

Most travelers are aware that Google local guide released ‘Yelp Elites’ last years. It’s a revamp of Google Maps and allows the members an assortment of benefits such as posting images, penning business reviews and guiding to fill up and precise information for Maps. Some of said benefits are likely to be included in the Google’s new product. It is designed to help users keep a track record of their trips.  Moreover, the app will also make recommendations about tourists’ sites and new restaurants.  Users will also benefit with its guidance for local transport options no matter wherever you are.  The ‘Trips’ has lots more to bring for travel lovers.

The initial leak unveils Google also invited Local Guides to test their new traveling app for iPhone and Android. The app interestingly pulls in your trip information after looking into your Gmail messages. The feature is of the same kind as the Google Now works, making the new app slightly competitive with Tripl. It aims at providing the users computerize collection of their trips in a single interface. It also helps users track points, set reminders, get flight alerts, make changes in seat selection, share trip’s details with family and friends, and lots more.

With Google Trips, the company has focused on providing users fun with exploring new destinations alongside imitating the useful nature of most traveling plans and supporting applications. The app helps you decide about what to do indoor and out-of-doors when you are at a new destination. Moreover, you will be able to manage your reservations, find nearby restaurants, get a list of fascinating sites in the area, and plan how to reach from one place to another. That’s why, Trips likely to work as an impact on local traveling guide applications and a booster to comprehensive trip planners.

According to another leak, the app will have ‘Getting Around’ section offering a complete detail on several options like schedule for local transportations, important information on cabs and buses, and etc. With the app; you will be able to browse any trip information that you have saved on your device even when you are not connected online.

The app is being trialed with different testers such as Android. The company had also announced its trial availability on iOS. However, further details are still under wrap at the end of the company and nobody is sure when the product is going to be launched and what more it has for travelers.

Google’s Trips is likely to draw attention of the users who love to travel and dream up new ways to make their traveling experience hassle-free. With the new app, they can benefit from its fascinating tools such as Hotel Search, Flights, and Destinations while planning their next trip. 

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