Will ‘Sultan’ Beat The Records Of Top-2 Highest Grossing Movies

Alike the name, the Indian film ‘Sultan’ has performed huge on the box office worldwide.  The film was released all over the world on July 6, 2016 and was declared a blockbuster success within the first 2 days of its release.

Released on Eid, Sultan crosses 550 crore in the end of second week of its release. The film is reportedly set to break the record box office earnings of Indian film Baahubali: The Beginning’s. It was one of the biggest hit movies of 2015 which earned a record collection in India and across the world.  

The latest earnings for ‘Sultan’ suggest a 522.06 crore rupee gross so far. It is the worldwide box office collection which was recorded on 21 July, means just after 2 weeks of its release. The gross amount includes 386.06 crore rupees of its domestic revenue after 16 days and 136 crore rupees of revenue from overseas collection. With the huge collection of revenue within two weeks, ‘Sultan’ becomes the fifth film grossing huge internationally while the latest and ongoing trend of how the film is doing at the box office confirms it will soon beat the records of ‘Dhoom-3’ and ‘Baahbali’.

India has one of the biggest film industry and its Hindi films has a big fan following across the world. The industry proudly boasts a number of movies that have made record revenue globally and are all the time loved entertaining package. It’s all time top-4 highest grossing movies include ‘PK’ with 792 crore, ‘Bajrangii Bhaijan’ with 627 crore, ‘Baahubalii’ with 586 crore and ‘Dhoom-3 with 542 crore rupees earned worldwide.

Made under the production of Aditiya Chopra, the film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. It’s a romantic sports-drama which is based on a real story of a middle-aged wrester who wants to represent his country in the Olympics, the world’s renowned event.  As the name suggests, the film is spiced up with romantic ingredients and alluring songs.

Salman Khan as ‘Sultan’ has done a superb job. Alongside, the man, Anushka Sharma has played an important character in the movie and appears to be doing complete justice with the character.  

The experts from worldwide box-office are certain about ‘Sultan’ and say it is soon going to shatter the previous lifetime box-office records. The movie is just 20 crore behind to break ‘Dhoom-3’s record whereas it needs 64 crore to strike ‘Baahubali’. On the other hand, the experts have mixed feelings for ‘Sultan’ crossing the earnings of top-2 highest grossing films of Indian film industry.

‘Sultan’ needs to speed up with its earning to be in the race. Though the film has done a record  breaking business and gets loads of praises to the cast and crew, it has yet to be watched how it does in the third week of its release as ‘Kabali’ is releasing this week. Kabali is a long-awaited film by Rajinikanth, another superstar of Indian film industry. The film has got its some scene leaked online which are reportedly being viral on the social media and WhatsApp.   

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