Microsoft Released New Office Application With Enhanced Features

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Microsoft has come up with an amazing collection of cloud-powered features in its new 'Office 365' application that's specially designed to help users in writing and research work.Announced earlier this week, the software has a number of intelligent services built in especially for Word 2016.

Researcher, one of Word's features allows you to access the Bing Knowledge Graph so that you can look for sources and research paper's content and include them to the paper with no need of leaving the desktop application. It also helps the users to add relevant information in properly-formatted citations.

However, users have to wait for the great source of help for their research paper as one of the Microsoft representatives told media that Office 365 will be accompanied by the new features in the short time of a month or so.

Another feature known as Editor makes use of machine learning along with national language processing. This feature is a useful combination of Microsoft's linguists and input that aims to help you improve your writing skills by providing proofreading and editing suggestions.

Lenette Larson, the company’s spokesman said Word 2016 will be having ‘Researcher’ available in the following month while 'Editor' is expected to be added to the features in August with more capabilities due to arrive this season.

In addition, Microsoft's plans include expanding Researcher to mobile platforms as well. According to the American software company's plan, ‘Researcher’ will also be available for mobile-based Word interface and mobile users will also be able to make outlines for their research paper without any difficulty on any device. Moreover, ‘Researcher’ will have an expanded body of reference material allowing you to incorporate different sources such as encyclopedias, different national centers, databases and etc.  

According to DiDio, a former research analyst, ‘Researcher’ is a useful tools especially for those who give something the once-over the sources while making their papers. This feature is amazing and will offer an immediate, apparently, positive impact on writers.

The feature is amazingly superb, however, what source is planned to be a part of Knowledge Graph to search remains as a question. Charles King, who is serving as the Principal Analyst for a reputable IT company known as Pund IT, says ‘it’s not an ordinary issue. Though Microsoft claims to expand the body of reference which is good, it is also important to know what specific sources they are using at present and will add to the feature in the long run.

Apart from this, the capabilities included in ‘Editor’ may cause raising many concerns from the group of users who have been struggling with auto-correct and auto fill options of the application.  DiDio says, it was really worse to do a spelling and grammar check and find out the checking is schizophrenic to some words like 'its' and 'it's'. Now let’s see what ‘Editor’ does.

Editor will support more than 90 languages.  It will also include variations on the English language that will tailor to the market the users are in. 

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