Sony to Announce The Launch Of PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ In September

Sony has decided to surprise video game players with an anticipated launch of PlayStation 4' successor in coming month. The company has already sent invitations to media for an event which is going to take place on September, 07, 2016. Being held in New York, the upcoming occasion is named as “PlayStation Meeting” where Sony will enlighten the important points detailing their PlayStation business.

Seeing that the company had already acknowledged that PlayStation 4  ‘Neo’ was a genuine product and they would not announce at E3 sometimes back, it's likely to be clear indication that the company is set to make an announcement of the PS4 ‘Neo’ to be launched before the holiday EQ.

Not to mention, gossips of brining forward a more powerful PlayStation 4 with a codename "Neo" started swirling on Kotaku earlier this year. The anticipations over the new console say ‘Neo’ will likely to be more powerful than the existing PlayStation 4. It will support more a games that are considered as in high demand. Furthermore, it will also support a number of games for the PlayStation VR headset.

Given that virtual reality has been players' first requirement when it comes to video games, a number of people buy new graphic cards for their PCs. Launched three years back; the existing PlayStation could offer the players a restricted access for the virtual games needing attractive and powerful graphic display. Therefore, in order to have a smoother experience with quality graphics and virtual reality, a game has to be running at a constant frame speed which should be recorded as over 60 frames per second. Failure to get the required frame rate can cause players to get nauseous during the game thus devastate the amusement pleasure.

Furthermore, most users like to have excellent resolutions while they’re playing a video game with having their VR headset so close to their face. An insider said, though the existing Play station 4 is going to support the PlayStation VR, the ‘Neo’ will be aimed at giving you the best for a genuine virtual reality experience.

Other speculations over the new product features also say the PlayStation 4 Neo will be the best fit for your 4K television. It not only stands to offer an excellent virtual reality experience but also will support 4k films, television programs as well as games.  It would be groundless to expect the new console offering exclusive games as Sony makes it clearer it has no plans to fragment its user base therefore all games are supposed to run well on the existing PS4.

Media reports also indicate Microsoft is likely to release the competitor known as “Xbox One ‘Scorpio’” to Sony’s new console in 2017 which is expected to be even more powerful than the ‘PS4 Neo’.

So let’s wait for the upcoming event on September, 07 where Sony plans to unveil something big for the year in New York. Interestingly, media will also have to cover another big event in the same city where Apple is suppose to announce its most anticipated iPhone 7’s launch. 

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