4 Ways to Synchronize Your Mac Computers Easily

Have you ever had the desire to sync your Mac with other accounts or devices? As long as you want to sync with another Apple device or service, it is not a problem, but the same cannot be said if you want to synchronize a Mac computer with a non-Apple device or an online account. These days, you use a horde of devices and not everything comes from the iPhone maker. So, how can you transfer data from your tablet, smartphone or an online account to your Mac? If you are pondering this question, you will find the following four ways immensely useful:

Synchronize! PRO 

This is a syncing as well as backup and restore that’s fully compatible with your Mac. You will find that Synchronize! PRO supports a wide range of devices and also enables you to back up the data on your Mac to a file server on your FireWire disk or PowerBook so the files remain up to date on both ends. As a matter of fact, you also have the option of making a bootable backup to a disc image on a network. However, you should bear in mind that this app is handier if you wish to backup and restore rather than sync.


Perhaps the best choice you have at your disposal to synchronize your Mac is SyncMate, which is a flexible and multi-purpose app that can support a huge range of devices including tablets, portable devices and smartphones. Whether you have an Android tablet or you want to sync Outlook or other Windows services, you will find SyncMate as the perfect savior as it offers support for both. You can also sync with online services such as iCloud and Google Drive. Moreover, you have the freedom of syncing things in real time and you can also sync a variety of things ranging from your calendar and address book to your music and other documents.

Good Sync 

You have the opportunity of syncing your Mac and also backup and restore if you want with GoodSync. You can synchronize Mac with any computer or device you want and it will also provide you with backup options. With GoodSync, you will have absolutely no problem in syncing your computer with mobile devices, SkyDrive, Google Drive, FTP and SFTP, Azure, WebDAV and Amazon S3. As far as backup is concerned, it can be done to mobile devices, Google Docs, DAV, protable drives, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, FTP and another computer.


The fourth app on the list is ChronoSync, which is a synchronization and backup and restore solution rolled into one. Even though it doesn’t boast an impressive list of devices it can sync your Mac with, you will have absolutely no trouble if you wish to sync with iOS devices or other Mac PCs. Instead of supporting lots of devices, it allows you to synchronize lots of files. Whether you want to sync your documents or any audio or video, it can be easily done with ChronoSync.          

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