Android to Mac Syncing Made Easy with SyncMate

Apple’s Mac is considered a worthy investment for a lot of reasons. But, none is more convincing than the security. When you are using a Mac, you know your data is as safe as it can get these days. The problem is that while this walled garden is appealing on one end, it can be a real pain on the other. You may end up feeling trapped behind this wall because you cannot access the data on your Mac on any other device. Sure, iCloud was a big help, but again this was only to the extent of Apple’s products itself. These days, Apple is not the only innovator in the tech world.

Other names have also gained recognition, which means you may have chosen to diversify. Yes, you have a Mac, but maybe you want an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone. Transferring music and images between iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPods is not very difficult, but the same cannot be said for your Google accounts, Android devices or for your external hard drivers etc. You have to jump through hoops to sync data with other devices, which is a waste of both time and energy. Obviously, you want a solution and you have it in the form of SyncMate.

Today, there is an app for pretty much anything. In fact, there are lots of apps that perform the same function. The same applies to Android to Mac syncing. You will find a plethora of apps that offer to help you sync your Mac with devices that are not made by Apple, such as Android devices. Yet, the best choice you have is SyncMate. This tool does a splendid job in going around the efforts made by Apple for holding your data hostage. It supports devices and online services like Google accounts, Dropbox, PCs and even your Android devices amongst others. You have the freedom to decide how to sync your device as you can do it over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or through a USB cable.

There is a Free version of SyncMate you can get for syncing your iCal events and Address Book contacts with other devices. You can also copy your messages to your Mac and read them or even search through them later on. As the name indicates, this version is available to you free of charge. What if you want to sync more stuff like your music or your photos and videos? In that case, you will find that the Expert version of SyncMate is right up your alley.

It allows you to sync pretty much anything ranging from your photos to your folders. You can even sync things in real time i.e. changes or additions made to the source will also be copied to the destination folder without you having to do it manually. Isn’t that a timesaver? The developers are regularly making updates and adding even more devices to the compatibility list so you don’t have to worry about syncing your data anymore. With just a few clicks, SyncMate can do exactly that.   

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