Best Ways to Treat a Knee Injury

An injury in the knee is not only painful, but also terribly inconvenient. Even simple activities like walking and running become difficult when your knee is injured and it can also be a source of a lot of pain. Most people will simply take over the counter medications to suppress the pain and just get on their daily routine. Not everyone has the time to visit a doctor and get their injury treated, but you don’t have to take any medication either. Luckily, there are some home treatments that can be administered yourself when you are suffering from a knee injury.

These treatments are quite simple and straightforward and will help in dealing with any mild or moderate pain easily. Here is a list of the best ways to treat a knee injury at home:


This is something every doctor is going to tell you. If your knee is injured and you are not giving it time to rest, you are going to do even more damage or it is going to take even longer to heal. The best way to treat a knee injury is to rest the sore or injured area. Take a break from any activity that can cause the soreness and pain. Keep a small pillow under the knee when you are resting and make sure your knee is elevated when you are applying ice packs.


An age-old solution for any muscle or join injury is to apply ice. The same applies to an injured knee. Ice application is immensely useful in bringing down the swelling and inflammation. It can also reduce the pain as it numbs the knee for a while. You can minimize swelling by applying ice or even cold packs to your knee immediately. They need to be applied three times a day for at least 10 to 20 minutes to give some noticeable results.


Using an elastic bandage for wrapping the area that has been injured can also be helpful because it can bring down the swelling. However, you need to ensure that it is not wrapped too tightly because this can lead to further swelling below the injured area. Tingling, numbness, increased pain, swelling and coolness are all signs that the bandage is too tight.


Ancient solutions are known to be highly effective in dealing with injuries and this applies to knee issues as well. If your knee is injured, you can get it massaged. Rubbing the area is going to relieve the pain and also increase blood flow to it. Furthermore, oils used for massages also have healing properties. But, if you experience any pain during the massage, it should be stopped instantly or you will worsen the problem.

Apart from these solutions, you can also do some light exercises to get over your knee injury. However, instead of just experimenting, it is best to consult a fitness expert to know the kind of exercises you can do as you don’t want to stress your knee unnecessarily.  For more information on knee injury treatment, log on to

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