Bouquet Express The first Website to Sell Bunches of Flowers in Saudi Arabia

Flowers trade in Saudi Arabia is considered one of export sectors that has significantly grown during past few years, and expanded to export to Europe competing with her counterparts of other countries. Saudi Arabia exported more than 1800 tons of natural flowers to outer markets including Gulf Area, some Arab, Asian and European Countries with production of 19 million flower per year.

With the great prosperity in flower trade, Bouquet Express started as the first website specialized in selling flowers and roses in Saudi Arabia and deliver it inside Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar. This website had been established in November 2011.  Bouquet Express work in flowers and roses field since 2003 at its headquarters in Riyadh. Bouquet Express is a Saudi organization licensed from Ministry of Trade and Industry under register number: 1010406072 specialized in retail and wholesale selling of flowers and roses.

Bouquet Express shouldered the duty of bringing joy to people’s hearts, facilitate buying process and delivering flowers easily. Bouquet Express accept payment in different ways like; Credit Cards, Western Union, PayPal and Sadad service. The most potential character of Bouquet Express is speedy accomplishment of order request as it’s being prepared in 6 hours’ max, and deliver it in 24 hours. Bouquet Express provide natural flowers and roses every day in all branches.

From his side, Mr. Seif “Marketing Manager of Bouquet Express” mentioned that flowers are considered romance symbol for many women and consider it priceless gift. Most women would like to receive flowers from their husbands in occasions or even without. A Brazilian study made by specialists confirmed that introducing flowers to a woman is considered the most expensive gift for her as it represents romance, respect and love symbol. Considering woman as very sensitive creature, she feels more valuable when her husband or fiancée give her flowers, as she thinks that her husband gave her flowers to express love and beautiful ones of flowers raise her morale. He also mentioned that there are ways and methods to buy suitable flowers at the right time and asked interested ones to visit Bouquet Express Blog and read a number of articles and recommendations that help choosing the right flowers and also ways to care for flowers.

Now you can send the most beautiful flower cards for your beloved ones in Saudi Arabia with effort at any time. With Bouquet Express that provide an easy and express buying way. After you open Bouquet Express website, choose Riyadh Flowers Delivery, Jeddah Flowers Delivery, Al-Khobar Flowers Delivery or any other area you would like to deliver flowers to, then the most beautiful bunches of flowers will show up. Choose what suits you, enter recipient info and finish your order. Bouquet Express team will receive your order and would love to deliver it for you beloved ones. Bouquet Express provides everything new in the world of flowers. In addition to that, it helps you writing beautiful attached sentences, sending you bunch of flowers on the right time, committed to quality of product, and buying easiness through electronic ways.

To visit website of Bouquet Express:

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