5 Things Not To Post On The Social Media


Privacy setting on social media doesn't guarantee your posts and pictures are really saved and won’t end up in anything that is certainly unpleasant.  In recent times, everyone turns to social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter etc to know more about others. It can be anyone, potential employers, university admission officer, cooperate partners or new friends and relationships, who can check social media profile to see if an applicant indulges in risky behaviors or partakes in dangerous activities.

As an online tendency, most users share their personal stuff such as pictures and information with friends and relatives and often get some “likes” on it. But they don't know that just few likes on a post or picture make it seen by lots of the users they might have never learned about before.

The only way to save oneself from putting in trouble is to avoid posting controversial or inappropriate things in first place. Despite there is an endless list of different kinds of posts that one should not post on social media, here are a few things that might return to bite an online user.

Expressing hatred for your job: Complaining about your employment on the social media is something guaranteed to place you among the unemployed people. This kind of act in a public environment is always taken disloyal and showing no gratitude toward your workplace, and doesn't help you make enough friends both inside or outside of the workplace.

Embarrassing photos of other users: Though posting embarrassing images of other users can be a great fun for some people, there is a quick possibility of it going in a wrong mean. Doing unto others may also make them doing unto you, and if you don't want the same kind of your photos being circulated on the social media, you mustn't share them or keep them limited to a certain privacy.

Personal Information: You shouldn't post any personal information on your social media account as it may put you in a financial or personal risk. This information may include your address, contact number, maiden name of your mother and etc. Sophisticated and clever wrongdoers can steal a lot from a person’s identity as such details are willingly available.  Consider being social with a little of your information such as your name and birth date (except the birth year).

Curse words: One slip of mouth can ruin all of your reputation. Posts like offending others or inappropriate pictures can wash out your image before others and can leave you be with nasty people only.

Your vacation's details: Announcing publicly about your vacation's details is an invitation for robbers to force an entry in your dwelling in your absence. It's no longer hidden that criminals use social media for identifying potential victims. You may have 200 + contacts in your profile, but you never know with that list, there are a few bad apples. And informing everyone that your house will be empty is likely to invite burglars.

TMI (Too much information): Social media users should post everything appropriate and never add anything to their profile which they never want others to know.

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