Hanamanu: A Powerful New Cloud Event-Driven SaaS Reporting and Stats Tool

Just recently, Hanamanu was announced as the newest addition to the most efficient reporting and stats cloud services available on the market. Hanamanu is a cloud event-driven SaaS reporting and stats tool that gives companies an efficient perception in the business performance and technical infrastructure. By integrating their information systems with Hanamanu, businesses can now enjoy evaluating their performance without having to invest in the development of reporting and stats tool.

Through these latest advancements, Hanamanu offers some of the cloud-based services that any organization needs to utilize essential transformative technologies, whilst enabling the company to reap positive results in the long run. This new cloud service continues to help industries drive business transformation and innovation by lowering costs, minimizing IT complexity and increasing business agility.

As an event-driven reporting and stats tool, Hanamanu will not need access to your database. Hanamanu works in three steps: send events, visualize and monitor. First, let your software client sends system or business events to Hanamanu’s web service API. Any platform (e.g. NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc.) can send events to the standard API offered by Hanamanu. Second, visualize the performance metrics of your organization and technical infrastructure through easy-to-use dashboard. Monitoring the overall performance of your business is the last part of the process.

Hanamanu provides a flexible, secure, and cloud reporting and stats tool. To know more information about Hanamanu and its efficient cloud based services, kindly visit https://www.hanamanu.com or you may send an email at info@hanamanu.com.

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