Top Advantages of a Visitor Management System

How many visitors came into your office today? How many of them came yesterday? Do you remember the number of visitors on a given day six months ago? Probably not. While there could be lots of reasons why you wish to check on visitors who came in on a particular day, the primary reason is security. With rising threats, you don’t want to put your office or personnel at risk at any cost. These days, businesses wish to ensure that their premises remain as secure as possible and so they use the best possible technology in their security systems. One way to enhance the efficiency of their system is by opting to have a proper visitor management system.
Previously, offices had visitor sign-in sheets where people had to enter their name and purpose for entering the building. However, this system was not very useful in keeping track of visitors as people can write the wrong name, forget to sign out or their writing may not be legible. Today, you can have an electronic visitor management system that tracks everyone who enters your building or office. This can be a delivery person, contractor, job applicant, customer, consultant or even the CEO’s cousin. Essentially, a visitor management system is for anyone who is not a regular employee. There are a horde of benefits of having such a system in your office and the top benefits are discussed below:


First and foremost, a visitor management system is undoubtedly valuable in keeping your office or building secure in the best possible way. It keeps track of who is entering and when, what they are doing and when they leave. If the VMS is integrated with the security system, you will be able to monitor the visitor through video surveillance and other means to know what they are up to.


One of the top benefits of a visitor management system is that it boosts productivity. Some of the top visitor management systems available today such as the TouchPoint VMS module enables you to pre-register your visitors prior to their visit, which makes tracking their identity easy. This is basically a web pre-registration or online module that lets you schedule appointments in advance so reception doesn’t have to inquire before letting a visitor in. This saves considerable time, improves efficiency and leads to greater productivity.


Another perk that businesses can enjoy with the use of a visitor management system is that visitors can be added quickly as well as accurately to the database because their business card or driving license is scanned and the data can also be verified, if needed.


The visitor management system can come in really handy during an emergency situation. With a single push of a button, the office will know about all non-employees present in the building so they can be evacuated from the premises as soon as possible.
Thus, having a proper visitor management system in place can turn out to be a beneficial investment for any business.        

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