Transferring Files Between Mac And Android Is Not A Pain Anymore

There has always been a gap between the Android and Apple product users. Talk about iPhones or other products made by Apple, their users have not been able to share stuff with Android users through any easy methods. In fact, such strict restrictions from Apple have made many Apple users move to the Android operating system as their daily used operating system. However, with applications like SyncMate the gap has been bridged. This particular application is meant to remove all the pains that a user encounters when it comes to transferring files between Mac operating system and an Android device.

As the name suggests, this particular application literally just does Android File Transfer Mac. There is no limit on what kind of and how much data you can sync between the two devices. Now, you can connect your Android device with your Mac and have the files synced on your Mac just like you do with an iPhone. The data you can sync between the devices can be your music playlists, music files, videos, calendar events, contacts and much more. The process is fast enough to save you several minutes if you sync your devices on a daily basis.

Not only files but you can also sync your folders using SyncMate. The good thing is that the Android operating system version you have on your phone is probably compatible with SyncMate. Any device carrying Android 4.0 operating system version and up is compatible with this application. If manual syncing is not something you like, the application also allows automatic syncing of your data. Now, it might occur to you that syncing the two devices is still more like operating within the boundaries set by the application makers i.e. you are not free to do all you want to do.

That’s not the case at all with SyncMate. This application lets you browse your Android devices on your Mac with all the freedom you want. This has been made possible with the mounting feature on the application. Once you have used this feature your Android device appears as a mounted disk on your Mac. Now, you can access your Android device and whatever data you have on it from your Mac like you were browsing in one of the disks. This makes the job of copy pasting your stuff between the devices as simple as dragging and dropping.

One thing that Android users with Mac devices miss is the ability to control their text messages from their Macs. With this application you can manage your text messages from your Mac using your Android device. Once you have connected your Android device with Mac using SyncMate, you will be able to not only view your text messages but create, send and receive them just like you do on your phone. All the major Android devices are compatible with this application, so you can use this application regardless of whether you have an Android phone from Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, etc.  

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