Zuckerberg Denies The Rumors Of Using Facebook To Sway the U.S Election

Facebook CEO posted a vague status on his social media page after the victory of Donald Trump in the recent U.S presidential election and was spotted offering a more comprehensive response to Trump's victory in an interview on November 9, 2016. He revealed all claims of swaying the election on Facebook were false, and told the interviewer that the app doesn't have any contributions to ideological echo chambers.

It was an on-stage interview that was conducted in Half Moon Bay, California during annual Techonomy Conference for 2016 in Half Moon Bay, Califfornia. The CEO of Facebook said it was a quite crazy idea of influencing the electoral process by circulating fake news on the social network. He also said the fake news was just a tiny amount of whole content; and Facebook’s algorithm brings content to almost 2 billion users per month which purely reflects what they want and what is meaningfully useful and interesting to the users.

According to Zuckerberg, voters in America use their vote considering what they have experienced in the past and the company really believes in people. One doesn't usually go in a wrong way when they believe people are appreciating what they care about, and builds a system that reflects this trust.

However, the CEO emphasized on the need of improvements saying there's always a room for improvements which ought to be made to Facebook's algorithm. He also said it has lots of space to get smarter and better if seriously taken.

He also clarified company's decision for allowing some workers and users to watch Trump’s hate speech posted on the Social Network. He said Facebook allowed the transmission of those speeches just as the part of “typical political talk.

Zuckerberg also said that the company can slow down its users from using expanded news sources and creates an echo chamber of ideas for users. The company has thoroughly studied this, and Zuckerberg really cares about it. Furthermore, he reveals the entire research that the company has, tells them it is not an issue and they have had a very tough time while getting it out.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg says in his observation, today, it’s less challenging for people to access different news sources than it was several decades ago. According to the CEO, until this moment, the largest information filter in Facebook system is its findings that people generally ignore and get engaged with content contradicting their own views, instead.

Zuckerberg insists it is very important to provide people with different information and he hopes his company and team can make significant progress in this regard. He also clarified that the company hasn't gotten Facebook's users to stay engaged with it in a higher proportion.

The CEO didn’t give any comments in regard of what effects will the U.S going to have after Trump’s triumph in the election. He just said they have lots of work to do and it would be true and genuine in either case.

He also expressed he doesn't think it is right to articulate that it would change the basic curve of technology. He also reaffirmed his commitment to educational purpose, treating illness, helping people connect to each other as well as the Internet. Moreover, he also committed to build artificial intelligence along with different tools of virtual reality. During the interview, Zuckerberg also said he wasn't willing the election impact to be downplayed, but he thinks private citizens have made the most progress.

According to the Facebook's CEO, everyone is blessed to have the ability of making a better world and so it's their responsibility to do it.

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