10 Great Tips To Assist Moving Home

When it comes to moving home, there is no doubting how exciting this can be. However, it also brings frustration and stress because it can be a very demanding time. For this reason, we have created a ten excellent tips that will make moving home a calm organized experience. Without any more preambles, let’s jump right in.

1. First Night Necessities - In all probability, you will feel drained at the end of the moving day so the last thing you want to be doing is looking for different items in different boxes. Instead, make a first night essentials bag or box with everything you will need without for the first night and proceeding days. If you have work the very next day, this could be the important to keeping your stress levels low.

2. Item Colour Coding - Rather than having unmarked boxes placed in unplanned rooms and sorting the chaos afterwards, try colour coding every box so you know specifically what room it belongs after the removal men have left. Whether you use different coloured tape a marker pen, or even just stickers on top, this will save a lot of trouble organizing later.

3. Pack Light - Although packing light sounds mad when you are moving all of your belongings from one house to the next, this is the perfect opportunity to dispose of unwanted items. When packing, be brutal and throw out clothes, furniture, or whatever else you haven't used in a lengthy amount of time. When moving into a new house, use it as a new start rather than just bringing disorder along for the sake of emptying your old home.

4. Paper Plates - One of the most risky parts of moving house is trying to pack crockery, this is no longer a problem. With plates, you can slide a paper plates in between each one and this will keep them protected during transit. With this added advice for moving home and guard for each plate, the risk of chips or smashes will be greatly reduced.

5. Pictures/Video - If there is something that was difficult setting up or assembling, take pictures or video the procedure. For example, your TV entertainment system could have many wires coming out of all sorts of places and we normally don’t keep manuals. By taking a pictures or videos, you can later refer back to this when setting it up again. As well as the TV system and furniture, you can also use this method for other electronic items or even your bed and other constructions. This assists with dismantling and reassembling all items with a photo or video record it take the headache out of the task.

6. Box Handle - Boxes are great for packing substantial amounts of bits and pieces; they can be rather difficult when it comes to trying to lift. Try cutting a handle holes on the box this will give you two helpful handles. Correct removal boxes have opening in the side to aid with grip, if you are obtaining your boxes then banana boxes are best for packing most household things.

7. Kitchen First - When packing for home, we often come to be side tracked by books and clothes. Though, it is routinely the kitchen that provides the most packing problems. If you pack your kitchen first, everything else will seem simple. Also, by getting all of the mixers and odd shaped utensils out of the way, you will know how much space you have for every other room.

8. Clean Last - If you want to clean your old house or apartment sometimes this is important to get a deposit back of letting agent, make sure you do it last. If you clean as you go, it will just get messy again within no time so give it a major clean when the house is empty of visitors and removal men.

9. Acquire Help - Because we think that they will reject us and because we don’t want those to go out of their way, we often avoid asking friends and family for help. However, offer them some drink and a takeaway as a recompense and they will soon come over. You could use the extra help, right?

10. Housewarming Party - After a few weeks of moving in, you will usually have all the major jobs done whilst leaving the minor jobs for ‘another day’. If you throw a housewarming get-together and invite everyone you know, those chores will quickly get done and you will have officially finished your move.

So, there we have it, ten great moving home tips that will make the procedure easy and stress-free. Next time you or someone you know moves house, be sure to utilize these instructions and you will soon see the advantage of planning!


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