3 SEO Trends to Surface in 2017

Running a business is not very different from playing a game; your purpose is to use any tool that comes in handy to stay ahead of your competition. In the business world, one of the most effective tools that can be used for achieving this purpose is SEO. Search engine optimization is deemed as the lifeblood of every online business that exists today. In theory, it might be simple to master for any business, but the fact is that the search algorithms and patterns that make up your SEO efforts are constantly shifting, changing and fluctuating. They continue to increase in complexity, which makes it necessary for you to hire professional SEO services.  

These services are skilled in performing search engine optimization and are aware of the latest updates in trends regarding it. In fact, as per an expert from Page1Position, a Singapore SEO company, you may end up needing professional SEO services in 2017 more than ever as these new trends are expected to surface and will have a direct impact on your strategy:

Trend 1: Focus on quality and dense content 

In any given day, you can visit a horde of different websites and read the same content again and again in different wording. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have also noticed this and have issued warnings. In response, websites came up with excruciatingly detailed and extensive guides on various topics, which are too long and drawn out or they just make remakes of the same old filler.

This is where content density will step in and bring change, which basically means the value offered by content per word. Thus, instead of long articles and guides filled with thousands of words that offer low value per word, the same value will have to be delivered in less. This means less time in writing and providing more value to the audience.  

Trend 2: Personal branding to be used by brands 

One of the secret weapons of the online world is personal branding. It has been used by YouTubers to earn huge sums of money without selling a single product. Personal branding can really come in handy in enhancing SEO efforts because it simplifies the process of boosting user engagement and trust, driving lots of traffic to your website and securing guest posts and top blogs. While not many businesses are using it right now, its adoption is expected to rise in the next year.

Trend 3: User experience to become vital for SEO 

In the past few years, there has been an exponential increase in the expectations of average users. Reasonably navigable sites and good speeds are no longer acceptable. They want websites they can navigate with the back of their hand and instantaneous load times. Therefore, user experience is expected to have a major impact on SEO. Google is already favoring websites that offer mobile optimization and fast load times as well as low bounce rate and more time spent on page. It will be necessary for every business to make greater investments in user experience to improve SEO efforts in 2017.


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