Everything you Need to Know about App Store Optimization

The major app stores have more than 2 million mobile apps these days, which means getting your app discovered is one of the biggest hurdles faced by mobile app publishers. It is easy for your app to get lost in the mobile app space because there are so many out there. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the different ways you can market your apps to ensure it reaches the target audience. One of the most important techniques is app store optimization. This is a process in which mobile apps are optimized so they can be ranked higher in search results of the app store.

If your app ranking is high in the search results, it will become more visible to potential customers. The primary purpose of app store optimization is to drive more traffic to your app so a specific action can be taken by searchers; downloading your app. However, in order to perform app store optimization, you have to have a proper understanding of your target audience. This includes knowing the keywords that your potential customers are most likely to use when searching for apps similar to yours. Knowing more about keywords can lead to a better understanding of the language of your customers and this is crucial for your marketing plan.

Marketing publishers can take advantage of professional services like growthtower.com that specialize in app store optimization and can help you do it effectively. Doing so can be extremely beneficial because this optimization is of the utmost importance. Stats have revealed that nearly 63% of the apps that are discovered are due to app store searches. Essentially, it means that search in the app store is the most widely used method of discovering and downloading applications. Search is usually responsible for the vast majority of downloads and installs of an app.

Therefore, if a publisher is not taking advantage of app store optimization for increasing the search ranking of their app, they are missing out on the largest discovery channel at their disposal. The problem is that even though there are hundreds of thousands of apps in every app store that are vying for attention in order to rank above each other, there are still publishers who have not invested in app store optimization. This is a huge mistake because app store optimization is nothing less than a secret weapon and if publishers spend some time on it, it will have a positive impact on the app’s ranking and its overall success.

Every marketing publisher should be aware that there are several factors that can have an impact on app store optimization. There are some main factors such as the title of the app and keywords used to search for it. Some secondary factors can also have an influence such as the total number of downloads as well as the rating and reviews of your app. Paying attention to these elements can ensure that your app is fully optimized to be discovered and downloaded by your audience.  

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