Komodo Platform: Protecting Your Financial Freedom and Privacy

Bitcoin has come a long way from a “basement project” to a widely used and accepted form of payment both off and online. However, many aspects that make Bitcoin what we love are currently standing in the way of mainstream adoption. Its speculative nature have made it a loved asset for trades that profit on speculation, a trait that is not wanted among common users and companies. The lack of anonymity in Bitcoin can also give competitors an edge if they are able to analyse a company’s transactions, not to mention the simple right to financial privacy that is common to all.

While Bitcoin’s limitations are currently obstacles in the way of digital currency mass adoption, making changes in Bitcoin is a complicated procedure that requires the approval of the vast majority of miners, a community made up of thousands of disperse users. As so, the SuperNET community decided to create a set of additional tools that can provide cryptocurrency users with the financial freedom and privacy they’ve always seeked. These tools all come together around a cryptocurrency platform known as Komodo. As a cryptocurrency, Komodo provides optional anonymous transactions that can hide all the details (sender, receiver, and amount) from the blockchain. These transactions occur on the Komodo blockchain but are still secured by Bitcoin miners through a notarization process that recycles Bitcoin’s computational power, making Komodo a “green” cryptocurrency.

With these two features implemented (privacy and anonymity), 32 fiat assets have been issued on the Komodo network. These assets benefit from the same level of privacy and safety that Komodo coins do, meaning that they can be freely transferred and even exchanged (through a built-in decentralized exchanged) with full autonomy and anonymity. This gives users the privacy and stability that is required to enjoy the benefits of blockchain in a functional way.

Additional features include a second decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies and a multi-currency hub, known as “Iguana wallet”, a piece of software that acts as a bank account with access to advanced options.

In order to ensure a fair and decentralized distribution, the SuperNET community has organized a crowdfunding campaign in which bitcoin can be exchanged for Komodo coins, giving investors access to all the aforementioned functionalities. Learn more - https://komodoplatform.com/

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