Qualities That Make A Great Basketball Player

It does not matter what sport you want to be a part of, there are certain things that make you better than other players. As a player who wants to play seriously, you need to work on those qualities and see how you can work on your unique qualities to be a great player. You can always look at and read about the great players to know what made them great. Such inspirations make you want to be a great player. And if you pursue your dream with passion, no one can stop you from becoming a great player.

Here are some qualities that make up a great basketball player.

Say Goodbye To Complaining

One of the biggest things that make a person a bad or lazy player is complaining. People often complain when they are finding excuses to hide their incapability or unfitness for a particular job. Some basketball players will keep blaming their coaches for not letting them play for enough time. Some players will want to take the short cut for doing things. When these short cuts don’t work for them, they point to other players who did the same. By doing this you are confirming that you don’t want to work to make yourself better but rather relying on excuses.

Understand Your Position

When you play a field sport, you always have to take care of a particular position. In a similar way, there are different positions in basketball as well. When your coach has confirmed a position for you it would do you good to research on that position. You need to know what particular qualities you need to have in order to play the best at that position. You will then have to work on those skills as much as you can. Whenever you are training, your training should be specifically for your position.

Mental Strength

You need mental strength in order to be a great player. All the big players of the world have stated that it is a strong mind that makes a great player. Experts believe that a sport is only 30% physical, the rest of it is all mental. A strong player is not only a great player for the team as a lone player but he can make the entire team perform. When you have mental strength you can handle pressure. Is there any sport that does not put pressure on the player?


If your coach is not comfortable talking to you, you can’t call yourself a good player. A player is only as good as he is to his teammates. If you don’t listen to your coach, you probably play for yourself only.

The qualities mentioned above turn you from an ordinary player into a special player that teams want to be playing with. Have a look at this page http://fivestarbasketballrankings.com/top-10-college-basketball-players to know more about basketball players who started out great in colleges and became great players by introducing these qualities in their personalities.

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