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Are you tired of looking for your dream rifle or pistol? Do your local FFL shops carry a small variety that leaves you wanting more? Fear not your desires will come true when you trawl the site at Omaha Outdoors for the ultimate firearms and accessory collection. The purchase you make is the first step towards your firearm journey. The next step is the accessories, ammunition, and magazines that you keep on buying are never ending.

It is good when you are confident that the site you order from is reliable and legal hassles are not an issue. There is no need to search across the world for the very best in custom made firearms. Les Baer pistols and rifles are manufactured maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision in the heart of America in Iowa. Nearly 25 years old and still going strong the Les Baer custom brand is much sought after.

Where to procure les Baer pistols and rifles

Les Baer is committed to manufacture and sell American classic firearms for discerning shooters. In the process they contribute to the American economy by providing a large number of jobs. The local as well as national economies are benefitted by this. The Les Baer is an esteemed Member American Handgunner 100 Club. It is important to note that that only licensed dealers are allowed to order firearms directly from Les Baer custom. You must be either a registered FFL or you must purchase from a Les Baer 1911 dealer or gun shop. The other option is to purchase your choice of fire arms from a reputed site that stocks and sells the choicest variety and the largest collection of Les Baer custom pistols and rifles online.

Why buy your firearm online?

The Omaha Outdoors has the widest collection of the Les Baer 1911 pistols at competitive prices. There are no overheads or hidden costs. Not only the actual guns but also parts and accessories are carried by the site, specified by Les Baer to be used with the weapons. These are inclusive of match, barrels, frames, slides, muzzle devices, rifle uppers and lowers. This makes upgrading your firearm easy and hassle free at the same time. All the accessories you might want to enhance performance of your weapon are available in one place.

The Company’s highly trained customer care team understands your needs and suggests the best suited accessory that will sharpen your shooting performance. The site ensures that there is discreet packaging. All legalities and documentation is taken care of for you.

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