A Glimpse At New Smartphone Releases

Almost every top tech brand is preparing to bring its new device with most modern and innovative features in order to maintain their established status in the industry. Along with some already released smartphones, we will see some most-anticipated releases this year such as Samsung Galaxy S8. While the web has long been a conventional way to stay updated with new releases in the tech industry, the practice goes on with latest reveals. Besides, the e-shops play a vital role in order to bring these releases into view along with providing you the opportunity to preorder the device even before its actually out to the market. Given that the e-world is giving lots of offbeat facilities to its users, one should also look for the economical ways like discount coupons or promo codes to obtain the latest products with the ease of e-shopping.

Let’s take a look at the latest smartphones here.

1. Google Pixel

Last updated in January 2017, the Google0 Pixel continues to be one of the favorite phones for most users unless they look for some bigger screen options. The phone strikes a wonderful balance between pace and good looks, ergonomics and sheer usability. Its 12.3 Megapixel camera does a good job at capturing images in available light and brightening up the shoots. The camera shoots 4k videos brilliantly though the Google Pixel lacks optical image stabilization. Instead, it uses the gyroscope and software to steady the videos which is useful when you are moving whilst recoding a video.

2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus from Apple is an excellently-made device and is superfast. The dual rear cameras in conjunction of optical image stabilization offer amazing results with better low-light pictures. Its battery has a longer life than its previous versions. IPhone 7 Plus has a water-resistant body, speedy A10 Fusion processor, fast and bigger storage options like 256GB. Moreover, it comes with a larger 5.5 inch screen display, and is heavier and bigger than previous models released in last couple of years. The iPhone 7 plus lacks standard headphone jacks, instead it provides adaptor or asks you to go wireless.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7

This is one of the most beautiful smartphones from Samsung Galaxy series. With a polished design, the handset is fast, powerful and has a long battery life. The Galaxy S7 has an awesome 12 megapixel rear camera, microSD card slot, speedy processor and a beautiful display.

4. Nokia 6

The first Android Phone from Nokia is coming on February 26, 2017 at Mobile World Congress after having several checks on its overall functionality. The Nokia 6 has a built-in 16Mp rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. Despite running on Android, this 5.5inch-screen phone from Nokia has no plans of running any of Google services such as Google Maps or Google Play Store. Other features include aluminum chassis, 4GB RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor.

5. OnePlus 3T

Available in dark grey color, the OnePlus 3T is more expensive than its previous versions. The device has a bigger battery that lasts longer than the OnePlus 3. Also, it has an improved front-facing camera that takes sharper selfies. Other features of this budget Android phone include a faster processor, 128GB storage option.

6. LG G6

The latest device from LG is slated to be announced on February 26 in Barcelona, and will follow-up to G5 and its mostly-missed modular components. Furthermore, it will have built-in Google Assistant AI software and a 5-7 inch display screen. The LG 65 will include a bezel-less display and rounder edges than the previous version. It is rumored to be a waterproof design which will be up to IP68 rating. The new LG smartphone is likely to offer one-handed usability, and won’t include modular accessories.

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