Five New Laptops That You Should Consider To Buy In 2017

Your working style translates into the brand you choose for your personal computer. Having the right laptop is the key to make the right impression and get great functionality. However, buying a laptop from the latest models also depends on your requirements and budget. With a thorough research online, you not only find a wide variety of tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc but also discover most shops offering discount coupons, promo codes or even gift cards that allow you to save your money on your purchase or update.

Here are five laptops that you can buy.

1. Samsung Chromebook Pro

The latest laptop from Samsung has a long list of features such as hybrid hinge, built-in stylus, long battery life, lag-free performance, metal construction, and a QHD touch display. The Chromebook has an added support for the Google Play app store allowing the users to access a huge range of software. It has a touchy accelerometer. The drawback of Chromebook is that it eats up the RAM fast when running many browser windows or apps and eventually results in slow performance. However, it offers great value, performance and many features for an economically priced laptop.

2. HP Spectre x360 15

HP delivers a more striking design and great functionality with its 2017’s release. The HP Spectre X 360 15 has an amazing keyboard and track-pad. It comes with 4kd display and an above-average sound system. Furthermore, the latest model has a long battery life, comfortable keyboard, touchpad and a crunchy back-flipping touch screen. The Spectre X 360 15 is a remarkable balance of performance, designs and great and is a durable, trendy and light laptop.

3. The Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is the most capable Windows laptop available today. It has a thinner body and 360-degree hybrid hinge. Also, it comes with a 13-inch edge-to-edge and bezel-free display screen that makes most of the given space. It has a striking design that stretches the laptop display from one edge of the lid to another and reduces the bezel to a bare minimum.

4. Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

It’s a beautiful and powerful device that almost everyone likes to buy. It has a much thinner and lightweight body. The new version is released with an expanded touchpad and flattened keyboard. Furthermore, the device has the latest Intel processor, brighter Retina screen and a faster flash storage.

5. Razor Blade Stealth

The new model from Stealth comes with a core i7 processor and high resolutions touch-screen. The Razor Blade Stealth has more ports than other similar products and an amusing Chroma backlit keypad. This model is heavier and bigger than the 12-inch laptops manufactured by other companies such as Asus, Apple and so forth. The Razor blade Stealth has a thick bezel around the screen which looks outdated. Also, it has limited configuration options. In short, the Razor Blade Stealth is a high-end 12.5 inch ultrabook that represents a major shift for PC and accessory makers.

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