5 Best Gadgets To Buy In 2017

Rapidly changing technology demands us to stay in touch with the latest inventions that are undoubtedly becoming an important part of our everyday lives. Many gadgets such as smartphones, LCDs, laptops etc have become so crucial to us that we can hardly imagine living without them. While there's an unlimited number of new gadgets being designed and released every year, one can't go ahead and buy all gadgets available in the market. Usually, gadgets' reviews make a great source to know about a product in detail. For that reason, it is suggested that you make adequate research about a particular gadget before purchasing it.

Similar to last year, there is a variety of tech products that is out or expected to hit the market in 2017. Let’s find here the newest gadgets that are going to lead the way this year.

1. Credit Card-Sized Computer

Intel has revealed a mini-computer which is equal to a credit card in size. Known as Intel’s Compute Card, the gadget is designed to be easily inserted into various smart devices. The concept behind this invention is to upgrade gadgets like interactive retail kiosks as simple as swapping out one module. Compute Card has all essentials of a standard size computer such as a processor, storage, wireless tech and a processor.  

2. Aquatic Drone

PowerRay Aquatic drone is designed to mesmerize the overall fishing experience. It comes with an optional FIshFInder add-on that makes use of a sonar system to find fish and send images to the fisher. The aquatic drone is a waterproof vehicle that works best in both fresh and salt water. It also comprises a 4k camera that is capable of shooting 12MP stills.  

3. Toyota Concept-i

Toyota’s Concept-i is not only capable of driving without human intervention but also includes the artificial intelligence that would power it. The car would take care of the preferences of the driver such as it would be able to suggest the destination after a driver chat with its virtual assistant. With the production of Concept-i, the company has clearly conveyed that the future of the vehicles is ahead of teaching the cars to drive for users.

4. Smartphone Security Cameras: 

Smartphone security cameras make a very helpful and new way to monitor your home from your smart device. The Oco WiFi Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on things that need your attention. With such a great invention, you can monitor your kids, pets, or home in a crystal clear HD view. it provides vigilance all the time with the help of its infrared night vision while it also comes with some useful features such as voice detection and self-learning motion.

5. Hybrid Smartwatches:

The Armani Exchange hybrid smartwatches are aimed at providing you the maximum ease of everyday tasks. You can receive notifications from your phone, track the number of steps you take, trail the hours your sleep and lots more on your wrist. They have similar look of normal watches and need no battery charging in order to continue the functionality.

Above is a small list of latest gadgets you can consider to buy in 2017. A brief online research on the latest gadgets will take you to a complete new world of the tech inventions. If you make your mind to pick one, nothing beats the pleasure you get from discounted shopping.  Buy your favorite gadget on discounts by getting coupons from Deal Voucherz.


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