The Nutrisystem Diet Review: Kari’s Journey to a Fit Body

Given that almost 2 out of 3 people are overweight or obese, there are a lot of commercial weight loss programs in the market today. One of them, which has become a household name in the US, is Nutrisystem. It is a clinically studied weight management program that stands out not only because it makes weight loss really easy, but also because it is affordable to most people. This is good news for the millions of people who carry excess weight.

What Is The Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program?

The Nutrisystem program is a commercially available weight loss system that is becoming increasingly popular in the USA. It guarantees considerable results within 28 days and is notable as it helps you lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived of your favorite foods.

So how does the Nutrisystem program work? The program has three components, namely: portion control, frequent meals, and balanced nutrition. Nutrisystem ensures that the meals you have are of the right portion and with the right nutrition that your body needs. One assurance that Nutrisystem also gives out to their customers is the fact that the meal plan will help them stay full. So, no hunger pangs.  

Kari’s Weight Loss Success

Kari struggled to shed weight after she gave birth to her second child. For months, she was down and lost some of her self-confidence. When she finally took her friends’ advice to contact Nutrisystem, her life changed.

A few days after talking toa Nutrisystem counselor, she received a kit that helped her achieve her goal weight. Enclosed in the kit were a lot of weight loss tools such as a jump-start guide and a daily tracker. And of course, the Nutrisystem meals.

Like Lisa who lost 50 pounds with the help of the Nutrisystem weight loss system, Kari regained her confidence. One of the most helpful products in the Nutrisystem weight loss program are the shakes. Kari herself recommends these shakes as they helped her lose weight fast. When she was overweight, going shopping to buy clothes was an embarrassing experience. But with her slimmer body now, she enjoys buying new clothes that fit her so nicely. Kari’s sexiest look has fueled her confidence.

Reasons For Getting Into The Nutrisystem Train

The Nutrisystem program is not expensive.

Losing weight does not have to burn holes in your pockets. With Nutrisystem, you only have to spend an estimated $10 per day. This is much cheaper than any other dietary plans in the market right now.

The Nutrisystem program does not starve you.

One of the biggest mistakes those who are looking to lose some weight make is that they choose to starve themselves. That, however, brings the opposite result. With Nutrisystem, starving is never an option. In fact, what Nutrisystem does is that it broadens your meal choices from the usual dietary musts. This means that you will still be able to eat your favorite food such as pizza, ice cream, lasagna and the like, but just with a Nutrisystem twist.

The Nutrisystem diet has been proven to be effective.

According to US News Health, one of Nutrisystem’s meal plans, the “Lean 13,” is incredibly helpful with weight loss, resulting to as much as 13 pounds in women and 15 pounds in men for the first month. While the Nutrisystem diet will deliver results, whether it will be a success will ultimately depend on the person’s commitment to the meal plan that is suggested in the program.

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