Top 3 Movies to Watch This Year in 2018 by Guy Galboiz

There’s no denying that movies are getting better and bigger each year. That’s exactly what you need to expect during 2018, as there are tons of movies that you will be able to enjoy pretty soon without that much of a problem. That being said, many of these movies are amazing, yet there are 3 of them that you will enjoy quite a lot.

Because of that, Guy Galboiz has created a list to let you know more about these movies and the unique ideas that they are set to integrate within their plot!

Avengers Infinity War

There’s no denying that people love superhero movies. In fact, most of the movies that have a release date in 2018 and beyond are superhero movies. The reason is simple, companies like Marvel created franchises based on beloved comics superheroes. Infinity War is set to be the epitome of all Marvel movies. It will include no less than 60 Marvel characters, not to mention that fan favorites like Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Captain America will be in it.

During the movie, the Avengers are going to battle Thanos, although this will be one very challenging battle for them since right now the team is disbanded. The plot is kept a secret for now, but it’s safe to say that everyone who saw at least 1 Marvel movie is going to be excited by this.

Han Solo Movie

Since Disney acquired the Star Wars rights, they scheduled a new movie each year. 2018 is the year we receive our first Han Solo movie. This is certainly impressive, although aside from Woody Harrelson you just get a bunch of up and coming actors. Despite the fact that we don’t know plot details, we are certainly excited when it comes to all the possibilities and unique features that can be a part of this movie. Plus, since Rogue One which was the first anthology movie was such a success, Disney is certainly going big with this solo movie.

Bad Boys 3

The second Bad Boys was released during the 2000s, and now both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are established actors. Fans always wanted a new movie in the series and it finally seems that we are going to get what we requested. Is this movie going to be worth it? There are no plot ideas or leaks at this time, but considering the first 2 movies, we are set for quite a lot of fun and action.

One thing is certain, 2018 is one of the best years yet for movies and these 3 titles are certainly going to be turning some heads. Will they bring a box office success? It’s hard to tell but one thing is certain, you will certainly enjoy the unique stories they bring to the table. Plus, all of these come from respectable franchises so you may want to check these out anyways, as there’s a ton of fun and excitement to be had with them!

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