How To Use LinkedIn To Help Your Career Develop In Right Manner

LinkedIn is the perfect choice for those who are looking to grow their network of professionals. This online portal is one of the most excellent online tools to connect with others in your industry. It’s just amazing to use for creating a voice and identity for yourself and your business.

LinkedIn offers two account types to its users.  One is ‘basic account’ where you do not pay a fee and can still search for job openings and connect with a limited number of people every month. However, basic account holders cannot take advantages of ‘Talent Finder Service’ which is a useful feature by LinkedIn to make it possible for members to find you according to your skills and qualifications.  ‘Premium’ is another LinkedIn account type and has a varied monthly fee depending on your requirement.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete 

Once you have chosen your LinkedIn account type, you need to make sure that you provide all the information about your professional and education background, add a picture of yourself and keep your profile up-to-date and attractive. When using this social networking portal, your main focus should be making sure that you regularly communicate with your first level contacts in order to build a reputation with them. Doing so will eventually lead to build second level contacts who are the people that you may want to get in touch for getting more opportunities.

Keep Your Profile Professional

LinkedIn has many advantages of social network of professionals where connecting with professionals can open new doors for you, says Emily Pappas, a social media pro. It is very important to realize that this online portal is particularly geared to help professionals get connections from all across the world, and for that reason, you need to keep your LinkedIn account thoroughly professional. This will help you increase your likelihood of getting potential opportunities that can boost your career.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Whether you are a job seeker or self-employed or running a business, there are several ways of using LinkedIn in order to enhance chances of being successful in your line of business. The site has lots of groups related to a number of different businesses and professions. Look for the groups that are relevant to your specific field and join them to become enable to get more prospect business matches. This way you not only increase your chances of boosting your career by identifying true prospects but can also learn new strategies to do better with your particular line of business. It is recommended to sign up for getting updates of groups posts and discussions so that you can easily trail questions being asked and most ideally, provide solutions according to your knowledge to get noticed.  

Don’t Mix Up Family And Friends With Professional Contacts 

LinkedIn is just a great place to begin with building your authority if you are looking to become prominent in your industry.  Make sure you do not mix up personal and professional contacts with a single LinkedIn profile. When using this professional networking portal, your sole purpose should be increasing the chances for potential opportunities for your career. In simple words, keep your family and friend away from your LinkedIn contacts unless they have a role to play in your business or can further work opportunities for you. 

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