Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Best Android Tablet to Date

What do we have here? Samsung has provided us with the first worthy Android competitor for Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7. Not only does the Galaxy Tab S3 pair well with the Samsung Galaxy S7, but it has top-of-the-line specifications, enveloped in glass and is simply packed with features. It is easily the best Android tablet that anyone can purchase right now thanks to its future-proofed HDR-ready display, all-glass design upgrade and the included S Pen. The only real challenger this has is the Google Pixel C, which is a year old, but doesn’t give it the much-needed competition.

The only difficult part is deciding the target market of the Galaxy Tab S3, which is currently priced at $599 and it comes with an S Pen as well as a separate keyboard. The best part is that it is the first-ever HDR ready tablet to be offered and comes with a better contrast ratio and brightness, but Amazon Video and Netflix are yet to offer HDR content on this tablet. Currently, only the LG G6 has been given HDR video support by Netflix. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the Galaxy Tab S3 is the best travel-friendly 2-in-1 Samsung tablet and it can be very productive, as long as you get the separate keyboard.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro laptop is also tempting, but it has a smaller S Pen and doesn’t have a detachable keyboard. Yet, the Galaxy Tab S3 is lighter and thinner, which makes it even more preferable. Apart from the Wi-Fi only model, the tablet also has a Wi-Fi plus cellular option, but it might be slightly more expensive. The S Pen is the feature that offers real value over Apple’s device because you have to pay $99 more for getting the Apple Pencil. Another benefit is that the S Pen doesn’t need to be charged and you are able to get more levels of pressure for handwriting and drawing.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, you will have to pay $129 more to get the Galaxy Tab 3 keyboard. When compared to its predecessor, the tablet has a small, but likable upgrade in terms of design. The back is where the main changes have taken place as there is a new glass panel in either silver or black. This feels and looks better than the rubberized plastic cover that was evident in the Tab S2 and it is easier to hold the glass.

While Samsung is claiming that the Tab S3 is lighter and thinner than the iPad Pro, you will not feel much difference when you hold each one. Essentially, the Galaxy Tab S3 can be regarded as a blown up version of the Galaxy S7 smartphone as it boasts the ‘recent’ and ‘back’ capacitive buttons at the bottom and there is also a physical fingerprint sensor home button. Even if you don’t get the keyboard attachment, the tablet serves as an excellent entertainment device. The HDR display is the feature that brings out the main difference.

This feature gives the contrast ratio a boost and even helps the four speakers that are able to pump out better volume. Samsung screens are undeniably the best as they are pixel-dense and bright Super AMOLED display panels. They have gotten even better than the HDR. The only problem is the lack of HDR content available; otherwise it would be a great addition. But, the quad speakers are great as they succeed in reaching a more powerful volume than most tablets. The right headphones can also provide you some bass as there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack provided.                     

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