Who Will Win the EUFA Champions League This Year?

What a big season it has been for the EUFA Champions League. The football games have been packed with excitement and the sporting heroes have proven their worth.

It is almost at its end, but who will win the trophy?

Here are our top three football predictions based on previous performance and odds.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid are the defending champions, but can they take out the Champions League again this year?

If we base this on their past performances, the answer would be yes.

The odds are good for this team to win and they are one of the favorites. If superstar Ronaldo keeps up the scoring, they may just add another trophy to their cabinet.

Experience counts, and keeping up the momentum for an entire season has proven relatively easy for this team.

Looking at previous finals results, Real Madrid have won 11 times, 5 of these were in a row. They hold numerous records and certainly have a point to prove.

Is it someone else's time, or can they add to their winning streak? The odds are in their favor!

2. Juventus

Juventus are another team which could easily win the EUFA Champions League this year.
They took everyone by surprise when they eliminated favorites FC Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

Keep an eye on strikers Gonzalo Higuaín and Paulo Dybala to see just what the team can do.

While this team from Italy were not originally tipped as favorites - now they are in good stead. For their next game against Monaco, they are the top pick.

What could go wrong? There is the potential for them to falter under pressure.

Can they make history and get over the line?

3. Club Atlético de Madrid

This is the showdown fans have been waiting for, Club Atletico de Madrid vs Real Madrid for a place in the finals. Will history repeat itself or will the result go a different way this time?

If Jan Oblak can work his magic and stop any potential goals, they may be in with a strong chance.

Keep an eye on forwards Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro. They will have to work hard to score but both have reasonably good records. If they can beat Real Madrid in the semi-finals they will surely be the favorites to win the trophy.

This is a team with a point to prove and if they can win they hold bragging rights against their friends/foes at Real Madrid.

Whoever wins, one thing is for sure - it is going to be an exciting end to the season.

EUFA Championships League Wrap-up

There aren't many games left and this season didn't quite play out the way it was predicted.

When FC Barcelona and the German team Bayer Munich were knocked out, the final's predictions changed dramatically.

Monaco is the fourth team left standing and they are also in with a chance.

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