Apple Ready To Compete Google With Its New Dedicated Chip

Apple has reportedly began developing a dedicated artificial intelligence chip that will be able to offload a number of tasks such as facial and speech recognition on its mobile phones.

The company has named the chip 'Apple Neural Engine' that will also aim at helping users enhance battery life along with the overall performance of the Apple's iPhones, according to the report revealed by Bloomberg. It further reads that both iPad and iPhone would be having the chip as an added feature, and for that reason, Apple has reportedly started testing the chip with the prototypes of its upcoming iPhone models. However, it is yet not disclosed by the company that when the dedicated chip is likely to arrive or if it is going to be the part of Apple's next iPhone being released this year.

Furthermore, Apple is facing numerous rumors about it boosting company's artificial intelligence offerings so that it can more fiercely run in the competition with two tech giants like Amazon and Google that have apparently won the market of Artificial Intelligence at present time. Also, it is expected that Apple will  include its Neural Engine chip to its future upcoming projects such as Al-powered glasses or self-driving cars.

In addition, it is also expected that Apple will discuss its AI plans in June when WWDC is being held. According to Bloomberg, Google who is a big competitor of iPhone maker has already introduced its latest Al offerings earlier this  month ( May 2017) that is extended to vehicles, connected speakers and phones.

For those who have been in touch with Apple's latest news and products, the introduction of a dedicated chip is not a new thing. The company had introduced its M-Series chip that was included to the iPhone 6S for motion in addition to revealing a chip for the iPhone 7 to be used for AirPods.

According to the sources, Apple has hired a new AR team that consists of lots of qualified and experienced engineers who have been very busy in working on AR-related features in Apple's new products for last couple of months. Sources say this new team is being supervised by Mike Rockwell who has been popular for running Dolby's hardware and new technologies groups successfully while he is reporting to the head of the iPhone and iPad hardware engineering groups.

Apple's latest move has been praised from many experts of the tech industry because it does make sense to look into and come up with developments in AR in the latest scene of technology competition. Nevertheless, it's already been a matter of pride for the company making many large AR related acquisitions such as the maker of AR-camera software famous as FlyBy and PrimeSense. Mr. Tim Cook, the CEO, Apple. Inc. says that his organization believes that AR will be a far better technology for everyone including the market if compared with VR.

The iPhone-maker, on the other hand, is also manufacturing a Siri-controlled smart speaker which is likely to debut at Apple's annual developer conference this month. However, sources also disclose that the company will start shipping the gadget at a later stage in 2017.

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