Treatments For Protecting Your Dog from Being Flea Infested

Fleas are the nemesis of domesticated dogs. They not only make them itching but also cause your tyke peculiar diseases that can be harmful in the long term. Furthermore, fleas tend to transmit tapeworms to both pets and people, and play a vital role in causing cat-scratch fever disease among cats and humans. These crazy insects suck lots of blood from the pets which can put them in weakening and even life-threatening anemia.

No matter, if your dog spends most of time indoors, he is still at the risk of getting pathogenic that fleas can carry.  Therefore, it is vital to take some points in consideration to protect your furry pal from fleas.

You must use effective ways to remove fleas from your dog as soon as you find him infested with these creepy insects. This article will help you do that in a perfect way but before you get to the exterminating part, let’s take a brief look at some information about this irritating creature.

What Is A Flea?  

Itching is probably the first thing that comes in our mind when we think of fleas. They have unbelievable leaping capabilities. With extremely long legs, fleas can really jump higher. They pierce through skin and use their tube like mouth parts to suck the blood. Fleas cause itching, rashes and other medical problems. In other words, fleas are indeed small-sized but are a resilient group.

How To Treat Fleas

There are many treatments that can be helpful for your dog to get rid of fleas. Depending on the condition, it’s wise to start with natural techniques and jump to medicines in severe cases.

Anti- Flea Medicines

When it comes to help your pet get rid of fleas, most veterinarians recommend to use Advantage or Front-line. Both medicines are easy to use and are very effective in protecting dogs and cats from fleas. You can use any of these medications on your dog or puppies, and you will find it working exactly in the same way you would expect. Apply these medicines on the nap of your pet's neck and let it be there for 12 hours. This will kill the fleas that are currently on your pet and they will begin to discard. Use a tooth comb to get dead fleas down row wise, and then wash your dog with natural soap and water.

Use Dog Flea Collar

Using flea collar for dogs is one of the effective ways to prevent and protect your dog from harmful effects of fleas. There are two kinds of flea collars available in the market, one of which is tailored to prevent the fleas from getting to your pet while the second type is good for killing them.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean is the key to prevent fleas from being growing and causing trouble to you, your family and your pets. Make sure you frequently wash your bed sheets, pillows, curtains, rugs, covers, etc. Use vacuum cleaner on your carpets regularly as it can remove 90 percent of fleas and their eggs from your house and so, can keep you and your dog safe from these insects.


After combining and executing the above methods, you can stop the fleas from jumping around for longer. Make sure you remain patient and consistent with all these methods and you will get an itch-free dog, family, and home.

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