Keep Control of Your Content with SecureTribe

Content sharing has become a piece of cake with the advent of social media networking. You can share your photos and videos quite easily with your friends or your family members, but there is also the risk of them falling into the wrong hands. While everyone doesn’t think that far, those who are conscious of their privacy are not comfortable with sharing their personal photos and videos. For such people, SecureTribe is a much better option for social media networking. This platform provides them with complete control over the content they are putting out there. Parents worried about their kids’ information falling into the wrong hands can now have peace of mind with SecureTribe. How?

First of all, SecureTribe App gives you the option of making your personal ‘Tribes’. These include both private and public tribes. As the name indicates, private tribes are those that are private. Essentially, they only comprise of people you have invited personally. No outsiders can become a member of your Tribe. In fact, they will be unable to even view the Tribe and will not know of its existence. With SecureTribe, you don’t have to worry about prospective employers finding pictures of your partying days or listening to your personal rants.

You can keep the perfect balance between your personal and professional life with SecureTribe as separate tribes can be made for your office colleagues and your friends. If you don’t want your family to know of your pursuits with friends, you can create a separate tribe for them too. You will have complete control over the content that can be viewed by members of your Tribe and they will only be authorized when you issue them an invitation. As far as Public Tribes are concerned, they are a good option for singers, bands and other artists and models who wish to share their content with the world.

They want to use social media for interacting with their fans and Public Tribes are a great way to do that as this will expose their content to anyone who is part of SecureTribe. They can also create custom Tribes with special content and offer subscription to that Tribe for a limited number of fans or for a specific time period. This is an excellent way for promoting content and anyone can take advantage of it. Content posted on the network can be liked and rated by everyone. You just need to download the SecureTribe app on your iOS device and get started.

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