Top Reasons to Buy the iPhone 7

When it comes to Apple Inc.’s products, you really don’t need an excuse to buy them. They are some of the most elegant and sophisticated options you will find in the market, even if they are a bit pricey. The iPhone 7 is no different. It is the company’s latest flagship smartphone that may look like its predecessor, iPhone 6, but offers a lot more improvements from the inside. Moreover, Apple introduced two new colors in the iPhone 7, which were jet black and red. But, that’s not the reason why you should consider investing in an iPhone 7.

This device offers you a wide array of unique features and excellent performance, which makes it a good choice for a smartphone as long as you keep it protected like get an iPhone 7 tempered glass protector. is a great place to buy an iPhone 7 glass screen protector.

If you are wondering what these features are, read on to find out:

Increased battery size 

The headphone jack was axed in the iPhone 7 and this has opened up more space for a greater battery. In fact, the phone has about 14% more space than its predecessor and this has enabled Apple to incorporate a bigger and better battery. The new device can offer users two additional hours of usage. Furthermore, the introduction of the A10 Fusion chip and iOS 10 have also boosted the phone’s efficiency, which is great for conserving power.


Even though the company has chosen to stick with 12MP, the iPhone 7 can take better and brighter pictures than before thanks to the new and wider F/1.8 aperture. This large sensor allows 50% more light in so you will definitely see improvements. Also, there is improved color reproduction, faster shutter speed and optical image stabilization.

IP67 water resistance 

Samsung has always stayed one step ahead of Apple in this regard as its introduced water and dust resistant phones before its biggest rival. But, the iPhone maker has finally caught up and yes, the iPhone 7 is indeed water resistant. You can submerge your phone in 1 meter water for about half an hour without incurring any damage. Also, the IP rating means that the phone is also protected against harmful dust.

Higher storage options 

The basic storage option in the iPhone 7 has been increased to 32GB. The company has finally decided to wave goodbye to its 16GB versions because the OS updates ate up half the storage and it wasn’t enough to accommodate the graphics capabilities of the iPhone 7 and the camera upgrade also means larger files so more storage is required.

Better processor 

The hardware inside the iPhone 7 has gotten a major upgrade when compared to the iPhone 6. It has a new A10 Fusion chip, which offers users a much faster phone than before. Graphical improvements are also visible and it will also boast greater efficiency thereby conserving battery power and giving you the most out of your phone.

There have been some changes to the screen such as the home button has been replaced with a sensor and this adds more smoothness to the iPhone 7.  

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