Knowing LinkedIn Clone In Depth

LinkedIn Clone refers to a professional networking site which works in the same way as LinkedIn does to help its users connect with professionals from all across the world. LinkedIn script open source helps global professionals and businesses stay updated about their contacts and new happenings in their relevant industries. It also helps them find new people and the knowledge required to obtain professional goals as well as to create professional identity on the internet.

LinkedIn Clone is designed to facilitate those individuals who have similar interests in the professional groups, and allows them to share their ideas, knowledge and information through its platform. The best LinkedIn Clone script enables business owners and professionals to provide basic information about their business, list down their services or products on their profile,help them expand their business and create new opportunities for professionals.

Features of LinkedIn Clone Script

LinkedIn clone script has a number of basic and important features that can be handy for businesses and professionals in order to make their own social and professional networking platform.

  • Also known as social networking script, this application allows users, companies and professionals to create their unique and detailed profiles, and enables them to control their professional identity on the website. 
  • Moreover, it allows users to add resume to their profile page in order to help professionals and companies view it. 
  • Furthermore, this best social network script allows users to create their profiles in multiple languages enabling them to deal with different employment opportunities in a new place. 
  • LinkedIn clone script allows users to add professional and company related connections to their profile. Also, it enables them to create different business groups and join a number of different professional groups. 
  • This application lets users post resumes in order to enable them to hunt employment opportunities and search better companies or employers. For employers, on the other hand, LinkedIn Clone script enables them to create their business or company's profile and allow them to follow businesses of other genres. Moreover, it allows them to find talented individuals to achieve their goals. 

  • Users can send personal messages to their contacts, and find new contacts according to their preference using advanced search option. 
  • The script offers a separate segment for question & answers that is particularly help business professionals to get their answers. 
  • This social networking script is SEO friendly; and helps the users stay in touch with their contacts and relevant industries. 

Making Money with LinkedIn Script

LinkedIn Clone works on membership based business model which generates revenue from membership fees. Also, it allows members to buy premium. LinkedIn PHP Clone works as a social networking platform which can make money through affiliate marketing programs and advertisements.

Future of LinkedIn Clone

LinkedIn is a professional network platform that aims at providing the best support to businesses and professionals. The demand for LinkedIn Clone Script is going to stay there as long as businesses exist in the world and need to make new business connections and maintain the

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