Taking a Close Look at Paving Sealers

There are certain maintenance requirements associated with concrete that you have to fulfill for extending the life of your paved area. One of these include the application of a seal coating, which is a liquid sealer that is specifically designed for protecting your pavement. This is regarded as an effective maintenance procedure because the paving sealer can be handy for enhancing the brightness of the color of your pavement and help it retain it for a long period of time. When you opt to seal your pavements and driveways, you are protecting and cleaning it as well as maintaining its beauty for quite a while.

Essentially, when you are using paving sealers, you are covering your pavement with a protecting coating so if it is stained with grease and oil, it becomes rather easy to remove. Therefore, it is a good idea to use paving sealers on your walkways, patios and driveways as you will promote longevity, durability and overall aesthetic beauty of those areas.

Types of Sealers 

There are basically two types of paving sealers that you will find in the market and they are:

- Film Formers 

This kind of paving sealer can be immensely useful for protecting your pavers as it can block the effects of water and other contaminants. They are able to do so by generating a barrier on the surface of the pavers, which is typically in the form of a gloss finish. Moreover, this sheen finish is also helpful in prolonging the color or look of the sealed area.

- Penetrants 

This kind of paving sealer has the power to penetrate the material of the paver. As the name indicates, it can penetrate for about 1 to 4 mils deep. Most of the time, this type of sealer is used in the case of absorbent materials like concrete and they can turn out to be great for repelling water and resisting stain damage. These sealers are deemed highly beneficial for promoting durability and longevity and can also enhance the look of the pavers.

Applications of Sealers 

Paving sealers can be applied to nearly all types of surface pavement materials, which include slate, concrete, natural stone, granite, clay, block and stamped concrete pavers. You can use these paving sealers for your patios, driveways, terraces, area surrounding the pool, balconies and also car parks. Regardless of the kind of sealers you use, the result will always be a brighter, cleaner, beautiful and long-lasting pavement.

Benefits of Sealers 

Using paving sealer can provide you with a horde of benefits and some of the prominent ones include:

  • Repelling water and stains caused by grease, oil and grime
  • Cleaning pavements, driveways and walkways is easier 
  • Increasing lifespan and enhancing brightness 
  • Reducing loosening and cracks and keeping the dust away
  • Restricting grass and weed growth 
  • Preventing the effects of snow and ice 
  • Boosting strength and flexibility of pavers 

Hence, using paving sealers can turn out to be a good decision in the long run.         

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