6 Trends to Help Pay-Per-Click in 2018

Google and Facebook will continue to rule

The capabilities of the two leaders of PPC will only get stronger as time passes. Google is adding more engaging visual components to their search, and Facebook is launching live search ads. This could allow marketers and SEO companies to come up with 70% higher returns. This may encourage competitors to keep up, expanding on features such as video and integrate them into Pay-Per-Click.

Expanded Text Ads

Google is allowing more text in their ads, which will allow for greater visibility, which can will result in a greater click-through rate. Using as much text as possible ensures that you’re getting the most for your money, allowing for an estimated increase of a 20% CTR.

Improved Optimization of Automated Tools

A shining example of the advancement of technology, digital marketers can take advantage of scripts, rules, and A/I in virtual assistants to add greater specificity to their campaigns to effectively target their desired audience. With PPC tools helping with automated bidding, advanced prediction, Marketers will have to do a lot less hard work.

Google Shopping

Shopping ads are expected to yield better results on SERP’s this year, with some pivoting towards a greater focus on products, better prioritizing of campaigns, access to more informative data, and better reporting capabilities.

Improved extensions

There have been tests made by Google to allow users to become a lead much faster with calling and message extensions available right on the main advertisement that the customer sees. You can control when consumers are able to take control of this function and what time of the day they can become visible to you. These are available in the extensions tab on Google Adwords. Don’t let this feature go to waste.

Bing rising to prominence?

Despite Bing unquestionably lacking market share of searchers that Google has, it will still be a viable option in 2018. They are adding more ad extensions and audience targeting, that will give them similar functionality at a lower cost per click than Google. Rising budgets and CPC will only rise this year, so marketers may find Bing to become a leaner option that will give them more bang for their buck.

2018 looks to be an incredibly promising year for PPC. With the access to new data and more focused, personal campaigns, it will be interesting to see how all of these factors reflect on the competitive nature of Pay Per Click. This could lead to higher costs per acquisition, and make marketers work even harder to add a personal touch to their campaigns. We’ll have to wait and see.

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