Plagiarism Software: How It Can Be Useful for Content Writers

Let us understand the word plagiarism. This is basically an act which is performed when someone can’t create something on their own. So they simply copy/paste it from people who can and then present their work as their own. As by the explanation, we can tell it's such a shameful act. It is the most common issue when we talk about students and SEO ranking. People looking for shortcuts love to do it, especially the ones who need a quick response and have no care for long-term benefits. Basically not just an evil but a stupid approach.

Why do it then?

Well, of course, the lack of creativity is the root of this plague. People who do not have the time or lazy students looking for shortcuts are normally the victims. Just to save time and money over good writing can cost you even more. The students who think by plagiarizing from sources, they will get outstanding grade then it’s a no-no situation for them.

As I have described in my many articles, “Less quality creative work will always be better than high quality copied work”. No matter how high quality you are pasting in your assignment or blog, inside you know it’s not your work and will never have that satisfaction.

How is it bad for education?

Think for yourself as a lazy or poor student looking for good grades but isn’t ready to perform hard work. So just to complete the work they will start looking for easy ways and shortcuts. They will surely land on the platform of plagiarism and will think of it as the best policy for quick work. This might even benefit them for the first few times, so they will adapt it and even where it’s not needed but it will happen.

It will destroy their motivation of hard work and creation once they are caught in this habit. They will become low-quality products of the education department with high grades and even about high grades, it is not happening because universities are aware of it and have tools which catch plagiarism easily.

Plagiarism checker software or online tool has the capability of finding copied matter no matter from where it was copied so there is no use. So there is no getting away with it. I still don’t understand the fact why students are still doing it like they will get something out of it. This not only affects them as a student but the one source from where they are copying from will be uncredited for their hard work. Plus it will be unfair to that student who actually did hard work.

Please stop copying. Stop it from this point and grab a cup of coffee, your laptop and make your mind wander around in research. Results are assured.

Alerting webmasters

Let's get to the serious point of SEO ranking. We all know how backlinks and articles are extremely important for ranking up your web page. Articles are the key elements which bring traffic, let your site expose in the market, make your backlinks healthier, sites will easily take your posts if the quality is good, but is the quality good? Well, Good quality comes with uniqueness and Google algorithms admire creativity in articles. These algorithms are designed in such a way that they will simply red flag the site which has plagiarized content. Your site might never appear in the SERP again which is extremely dangerous for your business. Even webmasters should be aware of tools which are extremely good for catching copied phrases.

So the question is:

Why a web master who has worked months for the development of the site will take such a risk?

Obviously, time issues and money. A good article takes more several good hours of your day and that is not affordable at all. Plus good article writers are sometimes expensive but that doesn’t mean plagiarizing is ok for web masters. It will actually cost you way more than the small investment you will make to hire a ghostwriter or in-house writer. At least you will have a surety of authentic and original content is being posted on your site.

Good quality content attracts traffic as well. Submitting for the site ranking is extremely important so why not check it before posting. Paste all your content in the plagiarism checker or upload a .doc, .pdf or .txt file and simply click check plagiarism and there you go, you will find a ratio of the percentage that how much it was copied and it was unique.

People love to read interesting and unique work. Viewers over the web are like hunters looking for a good prey. They will instantly know if the work is unique or they have seen it somewhere. Good quality will make them stay and your site will have lesser bounce rate which is good for the ranking. Plus social popularity will be on its way as good content always gets shared. Your search engine result will be positive.

What are we doing about it? Are there tools?

Are we? Kind of yes. First of all, Google has extremely authentic and efficient algorithms which never let pass such content for the quality control. Plus for students, there are plagiarism checkers online which are authentic and they can check their work in those tools before submission. Our educational departments have paid plagiarism tools which easily catch the copied content whether it’s from the web or from other students.

Plagiarism checking tools are also available on offline which can perform side to side compare within two documents or check them over the web. Well, there are still some people doing it and many universities are not aware of the dangers of this plague. So what we can do is to have meetings and there should be campaigns spreading the awareness about it. We need quality and quality comes with creating stuff and not by copying.

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