Best DSLR Camera: Nikon D850 Review - High Speed Combined with High Resolution

After months of anticipation, rumors and discussions, Nikon finally launched the D850 and as it turns out, the camera was worth the wait. The D850 had quite big shoes to fill as it was here as a replacement of the D8310, the 36.3MP brilliant DSLR loved by enthusiasts and pros alike. Yes, the D810 was a favorite of the photographers, but it wasn’t really the perfect option because its burst shooting speed was a tad modest at 5fps. Nikon seems to have dealt with this issue with the D850 as it has given a boost to various performance areas of the camera and has created one of the most well-rounded and great cameras that has been seen so far.

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The 36.3MP camera in the D810 was an upgrade from the groundbreaking Nikon D800, but introductions from Sony and Canon had eclipsed this resolution with their 42.2MP and 50.6MP cameras respectively. However, Nikon has made an upgrade with the Nikon D850, which has been given a 45.4MP back-illuminated sensor (BSI) and full-frame. This is a significant increase in the camera’s pixels. The light collecting elements on the BSI are closer to the surface, which enables the camera to perform better in low-light conditions.

Moreover, an anti-aliasing filter has been eliminated from the D850 just like the D810 and this allows for more detail. If you are not in the mood to use the camera’s full resolution for taking pictures, the D850 gives you two options, which are 25.6MP and 11.4MP. This is a good feature for sports shooters who wish to transmit pictures rather quickly and may not have opted for the D850 otherwise. There is another trick that the DSLR has up its sleeve and this is the DX Crop mode. Here, the viewfinder’s perimeter is masked for providing a view that’s similar to an APS-C-format DSLR.

As you are only using a part of the sensor, there is a fall in resolution, but the huge resolution of the camera means that you can still take 19.4MP files, which is quite impressive. The ISO ceiling of the D850 may seem modest at 25600 when it is compared with the D500 or the D5 and its base sensitivity is about ISO64. But, the blame for this rests with the densely populated sensor. However, there is also an upside; the sensitivity range of the DSLR has been extended up to an equivalent of ISO 108,400. Moreover, landscape photographers will also be pleased to know that the camera has a Lo1 setting that’s the same as ISO32.   

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There is a new 0.75x optical finder in the D850 and this is the largest ever magnification factor on an FX Nikon DSLR. It is also slightly bigger than the viewfinder on the 5DS, which is about 0.71x. You can use the D850 for shooting 4K UHD videos is FX format and you can make use of the field view of the lenses as the sensor doesn’t crop up at 30p. There are also lower resolution video modes that can be taken advantage of, which include Full HD footage in 6D. The camera can also be used for making 4K UHD timelapse movies.

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If this kind of footage is not enough, the D850 also gives you the option of creating time-lapse videos at full resolution in third party software. How is that? It is due to the built-in intervalometer of the camera. The impact of the camera shaking can also be reduced with the electronic Vibration Reduction system and this can come in handy when you are shooting movies handheld. The camera also comes with ports for audio monitoring and microphone. There is no CompactFlash card slot on the D850 as it has been replaced with an XQD slot.

Nikon’s SnapBridge connectivity has been included in the D850 for transferring images wirelessly, which basically forms a low-energy Bluetooth connection between the smart device and the camera. You can then transfer images to your camera as you shot at 2MP or even full resolution, but the latter is not recommended. The app can be used for making speedier Wi-Fi transfers. Other than that, the D850 also has an epic battery life, which makes it a worthwhile investment for photographers and enthusiasts.       

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