Different Uses of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has become a common practice nowadays thanks to the widespread availability of technology such as drones that make it easier. An aerial view gives you an overall picture, which is not possible to get from the ground level. Gone are the days when aerial photography was only used for postcards and the ilk. Today, its applications have extended to various industries and it has become immensely useful. Some of the different uses of aerial photography are discussed below, along with the benefits it can offer:


Aerial pictures can be used for making the school’s yearbooks, brochures, promotional campaigns and for tracking the progress of any construction etc. The photographs can be put up on the school’s website, sent via email, used in PowerPoint presentations or even used in computer software applications. For schools, aerial photographs can be used as a unique marketing tool to attract new students to the campus. Plus, it can also be helpful in plotting out emergency evacuation routes and can be used for keeping track of any onsite construction.


Different businesses have found aerial photography to be valuable to them, especially for their marketing needs. They can come in handy when you are making video campaigns or even for blog posts and can be a great way to lure customers to the business. As aerial pictures serve as an interesting focal point, potential customers will be curious and will be drawn to your website to look at the pictures and see what you are all about. This could lead to high volume of traffic, which eventually boosts the conversion rate.


The real estate business can find aerial photography quite convenient and useful because these photographs are able to capture the size, shape and layout of a property accurately. Potential buyers who are interested in a property will be able to see it as a whole because aerial pictures represent the true dimensions. These photographs are much better than ground level pictures or blueprints of the house. Sellers can use aerial pictures to promote their house and get it sold quickly.

Construction Companies 

Aerial photography can benefit construction companies in a variety of ways. The trend is very popular in cities, such as Dubai. You can see some interesting details in this regard at Sky Vision Aerial Photography in Dubai. An aerial shot is the best way to portray the work that has been finished when a backer, sponsor or contractor wishes to track the progress. People are interested in actually seeing the progress instead of just being told it has been made. Aerial shots can come in handy here because they give a full view and ensure that no corners have been cut. Landscapers and engineers will also find the photos useful to see if any changes need to be made and to facilitate the design and development.

Other than these organizations, others such as churches, resorts, golf clubs and farms may also find aerial photography beneficial for taking pictures of their land. They can be used for promotion or just for checking the condition of the land. This can save a lot of time, especially when a large acreage is involved as aerial pictures can do these areas more justice.    

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