A Comparison Between a Platform Bed and a Regular Bed

Comfort when sleeping depends on the type and the condition of bed you use. Many types of beds are available having different quality. A regular bed and a platform bed that uses box springs are some of the types available.

However, several differences exist between these beds. Nevertheless, both of these beds are able to provide a certain feel and look. Platform beds are known to be more versatile and are in most cases of more cost as compared to the regular beds. The differences between these beds are based on the features such as mattress support, height, storage and bedding. These features are discussed below.

Mattress support

This is what gives the difference observed between a regular bed and a platform bed. The differences between the two in terms of mattress support are as follows:

A solid piece of wood is used by a platform bed for mattress support while box springs are used by a regular bed for support. The box springs are springs of metal having a frame that is encased on it.
No damage is caused by a platform bed to the mattress while a regular bed damages the mattress and therefore a platform bed is more comfortable than the regular bed. 


Difference exists as well between these two styles of beds in how low they can sit to the ground. For a regular bed with the box spring, there is a possibility of naturally increasing the height of the mattress as needed on the box springs. A platform bed has the capability of sitting lower to the ground because no additional height is added by the platform. Platform style of beds with a higher frame is therefore what is being offered by several manufacturers for people that prefer having their beds higher above the ground.


In terms of storage, there is no built-in storage for a regular bed underneath the frame. In contrast, Platform bed has drawers that are built in or even shelving present at its base.


Less bedding is required for platform beds than the regular beds. There is need for a skirt or wrap for a normal bed for the purpose of concealing the box springs. Otherwise without these the bed will look undone. However, the dressing of a platform bed is in a simple way with the use of sheets and comforter.

Platform beds have cleaner lines and lower profiles which has made it favorites in Europe and Asia. A regular bed lacks these.

Beds have been manufactured in different ways to serve the needs of the users. The quality of a bed determines its price. Beds with a better quality will sell at a higher price as compared to those lower in quality. Best practice is to read product review online before buying. The differences between the regular and the platform types of beds make it possible to determine which one is better in quality and hence go for it. Based on the differences highlighted, platform bed seems the one preferable due to the amazing features it has compared to a regular bed.

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