Two Brands Launched By 'Ceraphin Corporation' That Are Actually Growing

Today's society has become depressed, so people are always looking for new products to keep them entertained. Of course, they always want new stuff to keep a distance from sadness. On November 2016, Werley Nortreus came with his original idea, then launched a private organization called 'Ceraphin Corporation' that describes itself as a publisher and mass media brand.

Now, this private organization launched and currently owned more than 7 brands that people are falling in love with. Reviews from the media and the audience are not really bad at all, and the goals will always be based on connecting the world together. In fact, those brands are always open to join partnership deals with other brands.

Ceraphin Magazine is one of those brands that this private organization launched and it has more than 20 members. It is an online magazine and a digital platform that published and featured stories, interviews, culture, news, and many other topics. It will become international when multiple editions are launched soon, and each edition to have their own goals. Its sister 'Ceraphin Entertainment' that managed it have reached more than 5 million views and subscribers.

Streaming is another way to keep a distance from sadness and this private organization has launched a radio network called 'Ceraphin Radio Network' that launched and owned an online radio station called (Bon Déjeuner! Radio) that is based in Haiti. People have access to listen to their favorite songs, albums, shows, and news anywhere they want. The radio station that broadcasts Top music, live concerts, interviews, shows, and news across the internet.

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