Qualifications of a Good Sourcing Agent

China is the cheapest country for retailers and manufacturers in the US, Europe and other parts of the world for sourcing goods and parts. It has proven that low wages doesn’t necessarily mean low skill because low wage rates are offered to high skilled workers in the country. This is one of the top reasons that numerous countries all over the globe source their goods and parts from China. However, these businesses are not interested in setting up an entire office just to make purchases from suppliers. This is where a sourcing agent comes in. A sourcing agent is someone who can provide you with their expertise in the in the sourcing and procurement process.

When you use the services of a sourcing agent, they will help you in the whole buying process starting from finding a supplier to shipping and logistics management of supplies. Finding a high quality and reliable supplier is of the utmost importance because they are the lifeline of your business. A sourcing agent takes on the responsibility of in finding trustworthy and quality suppliers in China quickly and efficiently. Some of the top qualifications of a good sourcing agent are:

Skilled in procurement 

The sourcing agent you are selecting should have at least five years of experience in procuring products from China. The number of years they have been part of the business will serve as their track record because it indicates that they have provided good quality business to their clients. Not only should a sourcing agent be knowledgeable when it comes to choosing suppliers, they should also be capable and skillful in the areas of logistics, quality control and audit.

Gives competitive prices 

It is the sign of a good quality agent when they are able to offer their clients the most competitive prices without making compromises in terms of quality. A capable sourcing agent will be able to negotiate with the suppliers to get the lowest possible prices. Since they have access to a huge pool of suppliers, they are able to offer competitive and affordable prices to clients. Sourcing agents can connect you with suppliers of different kinds of products as they have contacts in the industry. Here's some great help on how to get best wholesale price.

Complete knowledge of business culture 

A good sourcing agent will only be able to deal with Chinese suppliers effectively if they have an understanding of the country’s business culture. They need to be familiar with their behaviors and beliefs as well as their business ethics. It is essential to be aware of how Chinese suppliers conduct their transactions.

Experience in negotiating with Chinese suppliers 

When it comes to negotiating with Chinese suppliers, it is vital to know when to continue and when to stop. Yes, having good negotiation skills is crucial for every sourcing agent because they are the ones who handle suppliers and can get good prices. But, pushing a supplier unnecessarily may have a negative impact on relationships so they should know when to put a stop and accept the rates offered. 

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