Simple Street Photography Tips for Beginners

Street photography is all about documenting everyday society and life on the streets. This genre of photography is usually done candidly without the knowledge or permission of the subject, but this doesn’t mean that staged pictures are not involved. You can go up to strangers and ask for permission before taking their picture or simply snap a picture of an interesting character who catches your eye. There are plenty of opportunities to practice street photography and you don’t have to travel to get some great shots. However, there are some tips that can come in handy to help you in improving your skill:

Wait for the perfect moment 

Composing your image and then waiting for the action is a classic technique in the world of street photography. Rather than hunting for the ideal spot, you can simply opt for a visually interesting spot and then wait for a subject to enter the frame.

Select the right lens 

Yes, you need to have one of the best cameras for street photography, but that’s not enough. The choice of lens is also important. Using a telephoto lens and shooting from afar is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to take candid photos because the subject will not be self-conscious. But, if they spot you, the entire thing can backfire because people will not like a huge lens pointing at them. Instead, it is best to get a wider lens like between 20mm to 50mm and shoot discreetly by getting close to the subject.

Shooting from the hip 

This is perhaps one of the most popular techniques used by street photographers. If you want to take pictures of people without them noticing, then you should avoid looking through the viewfinder. Some of the classic film cameras such as Hasselblad were especially designed with large viewfinders so photographers could use them to see from waist level.

Request for a portrait 

If you don’t think you can be sly when taking pictures, you can simply go up to people and ask them for a portrait. Some of the renowned street photographers did exactly that. You can ask street performers, local shopkeepers and other interesting people you see on the street. If you are traveling, you need to learn how to request for a portrait politely in their language.

Always take your camera along 

One of the best parts about street photography is that something is always happening and events constantly unfold right in front of your eyes. You are going to miss some amazing moments if you don’t have your camera with you. There are some lighter cameras you can opt for if you don’t feel like taking the bulky ones along.

Don’t ignore the side streets 

While the main streets are where all the action happens, the side streets shouldn’t be ignored. Even the quiet streets like alleyways and those in residential areas can offer you some poignant pictures. You can find some of your best photos here.

Follow these tips and you will be able to understand street photography in a better way.  

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