Top Reasons to Use Parental Controls

These days, parents have to deal with a completely new breed of kids. From toddlers to teenagers, children have begun to use a world of gadgets such as tablets, smartphones and many more. Even schools have integrated such devices in their curriculum.

Moreover, parents also want their children to have cell phones because this allows them to stay in contact and they can reach out to them whenever they want. However, there are also cons associated with this digital freedom. There are plenty of security risks and parents don’t wish to expose their kids to them. This is where you have to have a strong parental control system such as a family tracker app to monitor your kids.
Some consider this an invasion of privacy, but there are excellent reasons of using parental controls. Some of the top ones are:

Cyber safety

Cybercrime is rampant and has become a multibillion dollar industry. Organizations and individuals dedicated to cybercrime exploit the cyber habits of people and children are the most vulnerable. Kids are constantly on the hunt to learn new things and explore the internet. But, they may inadvertently disclose their personal information that can be used for identity theft or even for tracking them, thereby compromising their safety. Thus, parental controls are a way of ensuring cyber safety.

Knowing where they are

Another great reason to consider using parental controls is that they allow you to know your child’s location at any time. Parents can check where their child was at any given time and on any day as history is available in most applications. You can learn your child’s favorite spots and every other place they tend to visit during the course of their day. Location can also be checked in real time if you want to see if your child is really where they say. This can help in ensuring your children don’t venture in dangerous and unsafe areas.

Time management  

Screen time can be very addictive. Even adults are mesmerized and end up spending hours glued to their tablets or smartphones and stay mentally detached from their environment. While adults are able to break free after a while, it is more difficult in the case of a child. The problem is that excessive screen time leads to inadequate sleep, poor eyesight and posture, lack of physical activity and also wastes time. Plus, children also end up viewing content that might be inappropriate such as violence. Parental control apps give you the control of monitoring the content your child is viewing and block access to anything you don’t want them to see.

Parental control has become extremely important in today’s environment because you want your kids to be able to maintain their privacy. With the use of social media, this has become even tougher and such apps for monitoring can give parents peace of mind. You don’t have to constantly worry about where your child is and you don’t have to stress about who they are talking to as everything can be monitored.   

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